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Payments by Alipay and UnionPay Cards to be Accepted at Peach Booking Site!

Introducing key payment services in China to further boost inbound demand
  • Payments to be accepted starting today, February 22
  • Settlements by both Chinese yuan and Japanese yen will be possible
  • Peach will be the first Japanese airline to accept payments by yen through Alipay

     Osaka 22 February, 2017 - Peach Aviation Limited (“Peach”; Representative Director and CEO: Shinichi Inoue) announced that starting today, it will begin accepting payments by Alipay and UnionPay cards at the Peach booking site.  Alipay is China’s leading third-party payment platform currently used by approximately 450 million people, chiefly in China, and UnionPay cards are also one of the top in-demand credit cards in China. The introduction of settlement by these cards at the Peach reservation site is sure to make sky travel to Japan on Peach more and more familiar for customers in China and neighboring regions.  While payment at the Peach booking site had only been possible through the use of various other credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and Diners Club), payments at convenience stores, or by using Peach points, the opening of Peach’s Shanghai route in November 2016 has produced a backdrop of an increasing number of customers who fly to Japan from China. As part of its efforts to make air travel from China more convenient for visitors, Peach has decided to introduce the mainstream payment methods which are used locally in China. In addition, when Alipay is used at the Peach booking site, settlements are also possible in Japanese yen besides the Chinese yuan.  Peach will be the first Japanese airline company to accept settlements by Japanese yen through Alipay, raising expectations for boosted demand for connections within Japan for customers with a focus on people from China. Peach will continue to deliver the appeals of happy, carefree sky travel as it aims to become a bridge between Japan and Asia.

[Start date:]  February 22, 2017

[Payments to be accepted through:]  UnionPay cards and Alipay
[Website:]  Peach reservation site; all languages (PC, smartphone)*1
[Accepted currency:]  Japanese yen, Chinese yuan
*1 Not available on the booking site for mobile phones (flip phones) 

About Peach (www.flypeach.com) Peach began its operations out of its Kansai Airport hub in March 2012. It opened a secondary hub at Naha Airport in July 2014 and began servicing Haneda Airport in August 2015. Peach currently operates its fleet of 18 aircraft and services more than 90 flights each day on 14 domestic routes and 13 international routes, serving more than 13,000 passengers daily. Peach is planning to set up a hub at Sendai Airport in FY 2017 as well as Shin-Chitose Airport in FY 2018.