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Now Open!!! Stanley MiniVenture Asia’s Largest Miniature of the World by Thais with 11 Zones of Wonder in the Heart of Bangkok at 2nd Floor Gateway Ekamai

9 December 2016, Bangkok: Stanley MiniVenture opens its doors for the first time in Thailand with brought-to-life miniature of the World at a ratio of 1:87. The newly launched attraction of Bangkok is ready to inspire people with its 1,500-sqm space, claimed to be the largest in Asia and the 3rd leargest of the World created by Thais, today on 2nd floor, Gateway Ekamai. 
Mr.Agaphas Teparagul, CEO and Founder of Stanley MiniVenture Co.,Ltd. said, “Starting from our determination and intention to create a source to broaden creativity, knowledge and imaginary for every individual in the community, there enlightened the idea of the first miniature of the World in Thailand at a ratio of 1:87 under the name “Stanley MiniVenture” which is also Asia’s largest and the 3rd largest miniature town of the World. It has been our great pride.”
 Zone1 Resource Town
Zone2 Organic Farm
“We aimed to develop and push Stanley MiniVenture forward to be 1 of 10 best tourist attractions of Bangkok being outstanding in terms of idea, space and foundation by Thais using Thai craftsmanship in creating every bit and pieces of the place under the concept “Perspective of Happiness and TO be Little Again” to put smile on everyone’s face and to remind visitors of their good old days. At Stanley MiniVenture, we gather important places from around the world into 11 zones spending more than a 100 million baht.”  
 Zone3 Residential and Historical Town
Zone4 Transportation and Entertainment
He added, “Stanley MiniVenture’s direction of business operation focuses on the sales promotion, domestic and international tourism fairs as well as ongoing activities and events to build awareness towards tourists and investors to financially support or to invest in amplifying creative ideas both locally and internationally through each zone of our miniature world. We expect to welcome 40% of Thai visitors and 60% of foreigners targeting families, students, amateur and professional photographers with the traffic of 400,000 visitors per year.”
 Zone5 Desert
Zone6 Beach
“I wish Thailand to have a creative tourist attraction to open Thai young generation’s views of the World and make Thai people happy from looking at it from another perspective. This place is the place to be for people at every age especially parents taking their kids to explore the same world full of creativity and imaginary together and remind themselves of the way they were once again,” Mr. Agaphas ended. 
 Zone7 Cave
Zone8 Port
Mr.Chardkajorn Lertsawad, Production Director of Stanley MiniVenture Co.,Ltd. revealed that “The prominent feature of Stanley MiniVenture is the production of brainchild by more than 20 members of all-Thai production team who have spent over 3 years bringing these 11 zones of miniature world to life gathering human development through perspectives, environments, emotions and feelings from different locations and times.”
Zone9 Airport
Zone10 CBD
The 11 zones of wonder and happiness are Resource Town, Organic Farm, Residential and Historical Town, Transportation and Entertainment, Desert, Beach, Cave, Port, Airport, CBD and Very Thai.
Zone11 Very Thai
Stanley MiniVenture now opens its territory of happiness for everyone to visit the wonder of the miniature world at the ratio of 1:87 from today on from 10.00 – 20.00 hrs. at 2nd floor, Gateway Ekamai. The ticket costs 650 baht for adult and 450 baht for children. Please stay tune for Thai customers, there is special promotion for all year. Special! Only in December, the ticket is 450 baht for fathers and 350 baht for children (height between 80 – 130 cm.). For more information, contact 02-248-9924 or  www.stanleyminiventure.com  Facebook: StanleyMiniVenture