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CIMB THAI to be the first bank to open branch in convenient store

Another step of financial innovation for customer convenience
Renting space in 7-Eleven branch to reach retail customers
Mr. Adisorn Sermchaiwong (third from left), Senior Executive Vice President, Consumer Banking Group, CIMB Thai Bank announced that the Bank has recently opened a new branch Sitabutr Sub Branch which is located in 7-Eleven store, marking the first-ever Thai commercial bank branch located inside a convenience store.
CIMB THAI Sitabutr Sub Branch is established inside 7-Eleven Sitabutr 2, which is a newly opened store in an innovative design and broad space with available parking lot. This Bank branch provides account opening, deposit, SpeedSend, foreign currency exchange, personal loan and debit and credit card services.
The Digital Solution Engagement or DSE innovation is also introduced here, with quick credit approval requiring only presentation of national ID card.
“We do well in exploring and introducing new channels to provide more customer convenience. We have rented a space in a 7-Eleven store, the most popular convenience store chain in Thailand, in order to better reach out to retail customers. We have selected 7-Eleven Sitabutr 2 as a pilot branch from which we will be able to get customer feedback before further branch expansion decision,” said Mr. Adisorn.  
CIMB THAI Head of Consumer Banking Group said that the Bank’s customer service strategy is to find ways to allow for customers’ quick, easy and convenient access to financial services. Although the Bank has earlier redefined its strategy on servicing channels and network and started to go digital, there are some transactions unable to do on mobile phones. Under certain circumstances and rules coupled with customer familiarity to traditional banking platform, we cannot go fully digital and have to carry on in parallel with exploring new convenient ways to better serve our customers.
At the same time, CIMB THAI has had its full-fledged branches transformed into a Wealth Center rendering advisory services on saving and investment to meet diverse demands of wealth customers. The service operation would then be redesigned to focus on availability of service spaces, private consulting rooms and investment experts.
    Mr. Adisorn added that after changing the branch network strategy, despite the decreasing number of branches, we have recorded increase in business volume, with number of customers using services in general doubling from 20,000 to almost 50,000 (high net-worth customers), unchanged deposit portfolio and increase in investments by customers. This has reflected our success in strategy shifting to be more location-based that has drawn more responses from our customers. In overall, all branches in operation today are in areas of high business potential which, coupled with our elevated service standard, have well built customer satisfaction for the past few years.
“I see that CIMB THAI’s opening of a branch in a convenience store is a financial service innovation for our customers. We are no longer ‘one bank for all’ as in the past where customers of all segments, both large and small, walked into the same branch and used the same counter for services. Today, we give services by segment to respond to their diversified needs. We no longer stick to having service areas of our own.” said Mr. Adisorn finally.
CIMB THAI services available at Sitabutr Sub Branch
1. Opening of e-Savings account together with debit card application.
2. Acceptance of deposit to savings or current accounts opened by customers with the Bank up to a limit of THB 30,000 per transaction.
3. Acceptance of application for CIMB Clicks internet banking.
4. Buying of foreign currencies (all currencies at the Bank-announced rates), cash only, up to a limit of THB 30,000 per transaction.
5. Money transfer through MoneyGram and $peed$end up to a limit of THB 30,000 per transaction.
6. Application for and approval (instant approval) of personal loans and credit cards.
7. Acceptance of application and supporting documents for leasing facilities of Center Auto Lease Co., Ltd.

Special promotion to celebrate Sitabutr Sub Branch opening (14 Dec 16 – 31 Jan 17)  
Open savings account and apply for debit card
  • Get free… Debit card with waiver of entry fee and 1st year annual fee of THB 200.
  • Get more… One Octo worth THB 199 for THB 100 deposit or more.  

Apply for Extra Cash personal loan
  • Get free… One Personal Bag worth THB 99 when applying through DSE or submitting application with complete documents.
  • Get more… One P-Loan Pillow worth THB 590 upon Extra Cash approval and activation.
Apply for Personal Cash loan
  • Get free… One Personal Bag worth THB 99 when applying through DSE or submitting application with complete documents.
  • Get more… One G2000 suitcase worth 1,190 upon Personal Cash approval and money transferred to account of THB 70,000 or more.
Apply for credit card
  • Apply for credit card at Sitabutr Sub Branch today till 31 Jan 16, get cash back of THB 500 when using the credit card at least once within 60 days from the approval date.
Apply for auto leasing facility of Center Auto Lease
  • Free… front-end fee of THB 1,500 when applying for the facility at CIMB THAI Sitabutr Sub Branch during 14 Dec 16 – 31 Jan 17 and approval is obtained by 28 Feb 17.
SpeedSend international money transfer
  • No transfer fee… when transferring money through Sitabutr Sub Branch during 14 Dec 16 - 31 Jan 17.
MoneyGram international money transfer
  • Get free… One Christmas Teddy Bear worth THB 290 for money sending and receipt of all transactions (limited stock of promotion gift)