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Be Prepared for the Bangkok International Rugby Tens Rugby Tournament 2017

Rugby enthusiasts in Bangkok and all over South East Asia listen up, it’s already time for the Bangkok International Rugby Tens again. On February 25 and 26, 2017 the 12th edition of the Tens will be held at the Sports Complex at Bangkok Patana School. This time around the event is sure to be another exciting weekend full of fast-paced rugby games and socializing that will help support underprivileged children in Bangkok. 

Nak Suu is a charity in Bangkok that provides disadvantaged children from the city’s slums with rugby training. This teaches them valuable life skills and helps them build their characters in a positive way. As in previous years, all proceeds from the Bangkok International Rugby Tens will go directly to the charity and support the valuable work it does with the children. 

Over the years its reach has expanded significantly and now attracts around 100 teams from all corners of the globe to Bangkok to play rugby. During the three-day event, teams can compete at varying levels of competitiveness, starting at highly social and going all the way to highly competitive. International teams coming to Bangkok for this rugby tournament will include men’s, veteran men’s, boys’, ladies’ touch, ladies’ contact and ancients’ teams. 

Thanks to their strong reputation of having a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and offering rugby and other fun activities for all age groups, the Tens are booked out every year. The parties, rides and games for everyone from child to adult are simply something no rugby fan would want to miss.

“We are expecting around 2000 players and 5000 spectators this year, slightly more than last year. The Tens’ reputation for great rugby games, entertainment and food is attracting more rugby fans every year. People appreciate that we offer fun activates for all ages, including kid’s corners and afterparties,” explains Eddie Evans, former professional player for Canada in three world cups. 

To keep with tradition, well-known rugby players have been invited to join the tournament again. In the Tens' 12th edition, they include former Springbok captain Bobby Skinstad, former Tongan captain now TV personality and commentator Willy Lose, South African commentator Dan Nicholl, former Wallaby player Warrick Waugh and former All Blacks player Frank Eneri Bunce. The Tens will also welcome Walter Little and Ofisa Junior Tunu’u from New Zealand, Matt Perry who plays for England and the Lions, Stephen Bachop who plays for New Zealand and Samoa, England players Dan Scarbrough and George Chuter, and Gavin Thomas from Wales. This year’s commentators will be Willy and Dan once again. As in previous years, the Rugby Asia Channel will cover the tournament for television and air on Setanta. The entire event can also be streamed live all over South East Asia.

“I would like to thank our many generous sponsors,” Eddie continues. “The kids Nak Suu works with will benefit so much from the generous support from Hooters, Four Points By Sheraton Bangkok Sukhumvit 15, RockTape, Sevens Series Singapore, RugbyPass, Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok Patana School, APAC Assistance, Health Box, Allied Pickfords, X-treme Sports Gear, Eastin Grand Hotel Sathon, Nestle Pure Life, S5 Agency World Asia, Flow House and our PR partner, Midas PR Group.”

Get more information now on the Tens’ official website or on their Facebook page.

Event Location and Date
The Bangkok International Rugby Tens Rugby Tournament 2017
February 25-26, 2017, youth games in the morning, adult games in the afternoon
The Sports Complex, Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok
Entry is free

About the Bangkok International Rugby Tens
Since 2006 the Bangkok International Rugby Tens have been hosted annually to bring together rugby fans from around the world and raise funds for the Nak Suu children’s charity. Eddie Evans, the founder of the Tens and Nak Suu is supported every year by numerous sponsors and international rugby players who attend the event to raise awareness and participate in the activities. Apart from the players mentioned above, the following athletes will be welcomed: Shane Byrne who plays for Ireland and the Lions, Epi Taione from Tonga, Gareth Cooper from Wales, Scotland players Gavin Kerr and Dave Hilton, Junior Paramore and Tanner Villi from Samoa, Craig Chalmers and Jason White who play for Scotland and the Lions and Paddy Johns from Ireland.

Bangkok International Rugby Tens 2017 Event Fact Sheet

Name of event:
Bangkok International Rugby Tens 2017
Welcome evening on Friday, February 24, 2017
Tournament on Saturday February 25 and Sunday February 26, 2017
Type of event:
International competitive rugby tournament with a social focus
Sports complex of Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok Thailand
Admission fee:
Eddie Evans (Founder), Darryn Mathee
Raise money to support the Nak Suu charity
Open men’s rugby, veteran men’s rugby, boy’s rugby, ladies’ touch, ladies’ contact, ancients’ contact
Players expected:
International teams:
Player Demographics:

~1900-2000 persons
~100 teams
  • Adult men aged 18-45: ~600 players
  • Adult men aged 35-50: ~160 players
  • Adult women aged 16-45: ~80 players
  • Women contact and women touch: ~150 players
  • Boys aged 8-18: ~750 players
  • Referees, team managers, parents, organizers: ~160 people
Spectators expected:
Spectator demographics:
~5000 persons
  • Families and adults living in Bangkok and the surrounding area
  • Sports enthusiasts, high-income expatriates in middle to top management
Covered in national and international print media, websites and on TV, with a reach of over 50 million viewers.
Hooters Thailand, Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok Sukhumvit 15, RockTape, Sevens Series Singapore, RugbyPass, Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok Patana School, APAC Assistance, Health Box, Allied Pickfords, X-treme Sports Gear, Eastin Grand Hotel Sathon, Nestle Pure Life, S5 Agency World Asia, Flow House, Midas PR Group

Eddie Evans – Founder of the Bangkok International Rugby Tens
Born and raised in Canada, Eddie Evans discovered rugby at a very early age. He trained all through school and it soon became evident that he would pursue rugby as a career.
From 1986 to 1999 he played for the Canadian national team, won 50 Caps and represented his country in three World Cups.
He moved on to play for the UK, New Zealand and Japan for several seasons. When he retired from playing professional rugby in 2001, he decided to move to Thailand to found his company X-Treme Sportsgear Co., Ltd. (www.x-tremesportsgear.com).
Once his company was established and running well, Eddie wanted to give back to the community he was now living in. This is why, he started planning the first edition of the Bangkok International Rugby Tens (www.bangkokrugby10s.net) in 2004. Today this tournament is one of the biggest rugby events in Asia and is known around the world.
Every year, the proceeds from the Bangkok International Rugby Tens go the Nak Suu Tigers, a rugby program for slum kids, co-founded by Eddie. Nak Suu is Thai for “noble warrior” and gives children from Bangkok’s slums the opportunity to learn valuable life skills while playing rugby. The organization’s motto is “Changing lives forever” and by providing children with mentoring and vocational training on top of rugby practice, they give these kids a chance to escape the cycle of extreme poverty they live in and start a new life.
Darryn Mathee – Senior Event Organizer at the Bangkok International Rugby Tens
Born and raised in South Africa, Darryn Mathee has been passionate about rugby from the age of five. He played throughout his school career and later became a professional high school rugby coach.
In 2012 he decided to leave South Africa and move to Phuket, Thailand. There he started working with a local NGO that provided kids with rugby training to help them develop their personalities and gain important life skills. Darryn also contributed to building up the local rugby team, the Phuket Vagabonds by recruiting and training new players and organizing tournaments.
Since he had made quite a name for himself in the local rugby scene, Darryn was invited to play for and coach the Royal Thai Army’s team in Bangkok. He was also selected to play for the Thai national team in 2016. Today he still lives in Bangkok, plays for the Bangkok Bangers and works as the General Manager at X-Treme Sportsgear together with Eddie Evans.
Darryn is also very involved with the Nak Suu children’s charity where he has taken on the role of the Development Manager. To support the charity, he is assisting Eddie Evans with the planning of the Bangkok International Rugby Tens as senior event organizer and is overseeing junior team registration and sponsorship opportunities.