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Tan Chong International and JAC Motors partnership to introduce 3 New JAC Light-Duty trucks to capture a share of Thailand LDT market

The Power of partnership between Tan Chong International and JAC Motors.
Unveiling the All-New JAC Light-Duty Trucks “N-Series” that promises BIG profit.
BIG opportunity for Entrepreneur first meet JAC at Thailand International Motor Expo 2016.
Mr. Glenn Tan, Executive Director of Tan Chong International Ltd., a leader in automotive industry in Southeast Asia for more than 50 years, revealed that the company has joined forces with JAC Motors, a world’s leading automotive manufacturer to capture a bigger pie of market share in the automotive industry of Thailand by establishing JAC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and immediately launches the All-New JAC Light-Duty Trucks “N-Series” which are packed full with performance in an affordable price. These newly launched trucks are expected to better fulfil market demand and bring a better choice and higher profit to Thai customers. Looking at the overall picture of the light-duty truck market in Thailand, the company estimates that there will be 11,000 light-duty trucks in 2016, and the number is expected to rise to 12,000 in 2017. In addition, the opening of the AEC is also a key factor in expanding the economy border, so the demand for trucks will certainly increase. The government of Thailand has invested in the development of the infrastructure to enhance the national economy. For this reason, Thailand is especially suitable as a hub for JAC production and truck export to countries in the AEC.

“Thailand is located at the center of the Southeast Asia region and is the main route for transporting goods from all over the world to ASEAN countries. Tan Chong International recognizes a commercial potential from this strategic location that Thailand should become the main stronghold in expanding the company’s market share in Asia and in Thailand. The opportunity is open for light-duty trucks, so now is the time we find the right business partner to assist in our business expansion, to make such model happen and achieve its full capacity. This is the backstory of our collaboration with JAC Motors, a world’s giant truck manufacturer that is able to perfectly maintain its standard of quality and efficiency. JAC Motors has also been the number one exporter of light-duty trucks of China for over 14 years. To implement a proactive strategy in ASEAN and Thailand’s truck market, Tan Chong International plan to introduce 3 All-New JAC Light Duty Trucks “N-Series”. The official launch will take place at The 33rd Thailand International Motor Expo 2016 during 1-12 December 2016 at Booth JAC No. B03-1, Impact Challenger 1, Muang Thong Thani. During the first phase of our marketing campaign, we plan to spend 70 million baht in marketing budget,” said Mr. Glenn Tan regarding his vision of a new business landscape.
Concerning the business plan of JAC (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mr. Glenn Tan explained that the company plans to increase sales channels by having more dealers and offering light-duty trucks with higher quality and value for money to meet the demand of Thais. The company is confident that by the year 2019, it will have been able to add another 40 dealers to its network and expand the dealer network to cover all areas nationwide to serve the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises. Meanwhile, JAC also develops a wider network of after-sales service including new channels, such as JAC Speed Line and Mobile Assistance, to improve our customer experience.

The ALL-New JAC Light Duty Trucks that will be launched in Thailand are from the “All new N-Series” starting with 3 models - N43, N65 and N85.
  • N43 – 4 wheelers light-duty truck for whole day transportation and operation without time limit in the city as well as upcountry, Price 649,000 baht
    • Lighter weight than competitors to allow for registration with no time limited for transportation.
    • New diesel engine technology that comes with lighter overall weight with better fuel economy.
  • N65 – 6 wheelers light-duty truck, 6.5 ton loading capacity, Price 699,000 baht
    • New diesel engine technology with lighter weight and better fuel economy.
    • Higher loading capacity of 300 kg., compares to competitors.
    • Help bring down fuel consumption, investment and maintenance cost.
  • N85 – 6 wheelers light-duty truck, 8.5 ton loading capacity, Price 899,000 baht
    • New highly efficient Cummins engine technology with smaller CC, lesser weight yet with high torque of 440 Nm for bigger haulage.
    • Full dual air circuits braking system technology from heavy duty truck ensuring safety and shorter breaking distance.
    • More cargo space with longer chassis of 5,255 mm. from cab back to rear end of chassis.
    • Help bring down fuel consumption, investment and maintenance cost.

Mr. Oscar Yu, Commercial Vehicles Regional Manager of JAC Motors, said that JAC Motors is confident that this partnership with Tan Chong International, a company with credibility and experience in the automotive business expertise and marketing in Southeast Asia, will be successful in making a light-duty truck of JAC become the market leader in Thailand. With this expected success, customers in Thailand will have an opportunity to use light-duty trucks that cost less and more reliable boosting business growth and increase profits.

Today, JAC Motors has a worldwide network of 2,000 dealers and service providers. The company manufactures and exports trucks of all sizes to 130 countries worldwide. In addition, JAC also manufactures vans, MPVs, versatile sports cars (SUVs), sedans, buses, bus chassis, engines, motors, transmitters, and other important components. Development policy and innovation are areas that JAC Motors underscores by setting up research and development centers in three major cities worldwide, including Hefei in China, Turin in Italy and Tokyo in Japan. JAC has already developed, researched, and produced electric car to be the leader in automotive industry. Currently, JAC has a yearly production capacity at 1.2 million units of automobile and 800,000 units of engines per year. JAC is the top ten giant automobile manufacturer in China. In 2015, It sold 580,000 vehicles.
Experience the “3 BIGs”- BIG Save, BIG Quality and BIG Value of the ALL-New JAC Light Duty Trucks “N-Series” first time in Thailand at Thailand International Motor Expo 2016 during 1-20 December 2016 at Impact Challenger 1, Muang Thong Thani. For more information, please visit  www.jac.co.th

About the Tan Chong Group

Tan Chong International (HKSE:0693) is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and is a major motor, property and distribution company with operations in Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.  Since its inception in 1957, the Group has grown its assets substantially through continuous expansion of its existing diversified business portfolio in manufacturing, distribution and retail.

About the JAC (Thailand)

JAC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in June 2016 as a subsidiary of Tan Chong International, a leading vehicles and equipment distributor with its own assembly plant in Thailand. JAC Thailand is an exclusive distributor of famous Chinese commercial truck “JAC” with range of product covering the Light-duty truck GVW 4.3 to 15 ton in Thailand.

About the JAC Motors

JAC Motors (SSE 600418) is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and one of leading automotive manufacturer who produce Passenger Car, Commercial vehicle and other key automotive components in China. JAC has exported products to the regions of South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and established friendly relationship with more than 130 countries around the world, besides, JAC has more than 2,000 dealers and service network and 19 KD factories. As a light commercial vehicle leading manufacturer, JAC has been No. 1 in export sales of light duty trucks for 14 consecutive years.