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Kantana Edutainment in Partnership with Qooco “Qooco Talk” Launch: Innovative Language Learning Application to Accelerate to Thailand 4.0

Mr. Jareuk Kaljareuk, Kantana Group Chairman with the cooperation of Kantana Edutainment International in partnership with Mr. David Topolewski, Qooco Chief Executive Officer hold a press conference for the launch of “Qooco Talk” – the innovative language learning mobile application with cloud based system. Qooco aims to improve learners’ confidence and skills in speaking and understanding English and Mandarin. This is also to accord with the innovation perspective of Thai economy policy – Thailand 4.0.
Mr. Jareuk Kaljareuk states that in order to answer to the innovation perspective of Thai economy policy – Thailand 4.0 – together with the increasing competition and rapid change in economy and industry, labor market is in need of personnel who can speak foreign languages. It is then important for Thais to improve their speaking skills especially in English and in Mandarin so that they are truly proficient to compete in the market. “Qooco Talk” application answers to our need in this aspect because it has been accepted by multiple countries around the world. Moreover, 1,000 students in Chiang Rai municipality schools used Qooco for 4 months and has proven to gain 62% progress in English skill. Qooco also had a pilot project with Wang Klai Kang Won school, 12 teachers used Qooco for only a month and has proven to gain 42% progress in English skill.
Mr. David Topolewski says that nowadays a lot of Thai people use 38 million mobiles, smartphones and tablets in total, which equals to 70% of the population who can access to the internet. With that number, people are more likely to use smartphones than desktops. It is expected that at the end of 2016, smartphone usage will be greatly increased, with 50 million smartphones. Therefore, language learning is not the responsibility of an individual anymore but of the nation as a whole. There then needs to be a tool that can help accommodate each individual’s need. Qooco Talk here is a tool to learn language by using technology on mobile platform or what you can call Mobile Learning where users can learn anywhere anytime.
With Qooco Talk, it takes students only 10 minutes a day to learn to speak English. Qooco’s monitoring and measuring systems are perfectly accurate. At the moment, Qooco offers both English and Mandarin learnings in China (headquarter), Japan, Indonesia and Thailand. Here in Thailand, Qooco has gained many satisfied customers both in hospitality industry and education. With Qooco, their personnel’s abilities have been greatly improved. Besides, government sectors trust Qooco in empowering their officers and in measuring their ability progress. 
Qooco Talk is so small that it can be easily downloaded to mobile. With Speech Recognition feature and Student Progress on cloud system, both teachers and students can monitor and check their progress. The report is available both in PDF and Excel files. The lessons are elaborately developed by our experts who truly understand the way learners acquire English speaking. Also, the lessons are organized and ordered by difficulty for each student. Students are given points at the end of each lesson, this will help strengthening their confidence and encouraging them to learn languages.
This partnership brings about The Asia Spelling Cup 2016 competition. This spelling bee competition is considered to be the biggest one in South East Asia. There are competitors from several countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, China and Malaysia. The competition is divided into two levels – primary and secondary schools, students aged 7-15 years old. Now, there are 50 finalists and the winner will receive USD 2,000, 1st runner up – USD 1,000 and 2nd runner up – an iPad.
     In addition, since the winner of The Face season 3 will be attending New York Fashion Week in the United States, each The Face competitor will receive Qooco Talk application so he or she can prepare and develop the English speaking skills.