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“GoBear” Reaffirms Its Status as Top Financial Metasearch Platform, Expanding Services to Meet Every Lifestyle Financial Need

Bangkok, Thailand: “GoBear” (www.gobear.co.th), a global Financial Metasearch Engine, builds on its success in the Thai market by planning to offer a more extensive range of financial products to meet the needs of consumers, while also highlighting its status as the center of accurate and unbiased information, with the consumers’ needs and benefits in mind.  
Synn Navamananda, Country Director GoBear (Thailand), explained that GoBear has been tremendously successful, and is planning to expand its services to meet the consumers’ needs and make GoBear the go-to platform for consumers, where they can search and compare information before making a decision on financial products.

In the first year, GoBear offered car insurance options, before adding other services. Today, GoBear collects information about financial products in four categories namely car insurance, allowing consumers to compare prices and coverage plans in only 30 seconds, travel insurance, helping travellers choose the plan that works for them at a reasonable price to minimize risks while travelling, credit card, which helps consumers pick the credit card that suits their spending style and offers the best rewards, and personal loans, which helps calculate actual interests and fees so that they can make the best decision. For personal loans, the service includes loans and cash cards. All of these services meet the needs of Thai consumers.
GoBear’s mission is to offer financial products, which are commonly perceived to be complicated, in a simple and accessible way, so that the consumers can access accurate information on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
GoBear today has been well-received by the Thai consumers, becoming the top financial metasearch engine in Thailand, with more than 3.6 million users within just one year after its launch. Its success is partly due to the changing behavior of Thai consumers. People today want easy access to service information, and customers compare various products before making a decision, and they do so using their convenient choices such as their smartphones. Another factor is GoBear’s extensive base as it covers products that meet most of the consumers’ lifestyle financial needs. Additionally, it gives non-biased information, focusing on the consumers’ best interest. The website is also secure and reliable, as GoBear’s partners are leading insurance and financial institutions.   

Looking at Thai people’s lifestyle, it was found that Thai people’s access to the Internet has grown significantly. Currently, 56% of the Thai population uses the Internet. Among those, 86% of them use the Internet on a daily basis. Interestingly, among Thai Internet users, 45% of them access the Internet using their smartphones, a 30% increase from 2015. This information, coupled with Thai people’s changing behavior, indicates that GoBear has a lot of potential for growth.

Synn talked about future plans for GoBear. “Our next step for the next three years is to expand our services as a financial metasearch platform to include other financial products for a more extensive service, such as home loans, health insurance, life insurance and funds. The core of our expansion is the consumers’ needs. All of this will make GoBear a global brand of financial metasearch that meets all the lifestyle financial needs of the consumers.”

About GoBear:
GoBear is a financial metasearch website which provides information about car insurance and travel insurance based on prices and coverage. The website does not directly sell insurance, but redirects users to the actual website of the insurance companies or representatives.

GoBear’s headquarter is in Singapore, managed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff with expertise in banking and e-commerce. The goal is to change the process of online purchase through price comparison and concise information.