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Aritco will present the world’s first lift uniquely designed for your home, the new Aritco HomeLift, together with its sole distributor in Thailand, Tanakul Group,

at the House and Garden (Baan Lae Suan) exhibition in Bangkok
The House and Garden exhibition will run from October 29th to November 6th 2016. The exhibition is a well-renowned interior fair. Aritco and Tanakul Group will host a grand opening during the day of October 29 with attendance of key Bangkok architects, builders and other key stakeholders.
“We are excited to launch the Aritco Home Lift in Southeast Asia, says Tommy Löwbäck, Managing Director at Aritco Group. ”We have worked with our new product for over two years and have received great consumer feedback on the lift all over the world and the interest in Asia has been huge. We have high expectations going forward”, he continues.
Mr. Tana Sripongtanakul, Managing Director of Aritco Thailand Co.Ltd. under Tanakul Group comments “We are very happy to be a part of this launch. The new Aritco Home Lift will spearhead a new market with a more design driven and possibly even a younger audience. The product adds a new aspect to the Aritco range. It will help us to develop further, and for us to continue keep our yearly level of 20-25% growth.”
“I’m full of confidence when presenting the Aritco Home Lift together with Tanakul Group in Bangkok. Tanakul is one of our most ambitious distributors and has a proven track record of great sales and marketing activities”, says Rafique Ahmed, General Manager South East Asia and India at Aritco.
2015 Tanakul Group  had a revenue from Aritco products of 80 million baht and  looking to grow even stronger, targeting the level of 150 million baht 2017 with the help of the new Aritco Home Lift. To achieve this, new showrooms will open in several larger cities such as Chiangmai, Nakormratchasrima, Khonkaen, Chonburi and Phuket.
The Aritco Home Lift is designed by Scandinavian designer Alexander Lervik which is the first of its kind created to fit private homes. The Aritco Home Lift was launched in Europe during February 2016. The pre-production series was shipped globally during early July 2016 and the official production start is set to the first quarter of 2017.
Artico Homelift has a unique features as following
1. Design and form = Perfect structure allowing lift to be installed anywhere.
2. DesignWall and floor = Personalize and speak out who you are.
3. DesignLight = Interactive lighting to colour up your days.
4. SmartLift = Latest technology of Mobile phone app for lift owner.
5. SmartControl = Signature Character of New Aritco.  One button is enough.
6. SmartSafety = Genius Safety system for everyone you love.
7. SmartCare = Best way of caring you and your lift.
These features and many more are the reasons for Aritco’s innovative leadership continuously developing designed functionality that satisfies the needs of a modern home.
Aritco Lift is a world leading manufacturer of home lifts and platform lifts. Since the start of the company, over 30,000 lifts have been installed. Aritco Lift has over 140 partners in around 40 countries. Aritco Lift produces two types of lifts; Home lifts for the private residential market and platform lifts for the public accessibility market. Read more at www.aritco.com or www.aritcohomelifts.com