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ACM Prajin Juntong, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Inaugurates CEPSI 2016

“Energy Sustainability and Security: Choices and Challenges for Power Supply Industry”
24 October 2016 — Air Chief Marshall Prajin Juntong, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, will preside over the opening ceremony of the 21st Conference of Electric Power Supply Industry (CEPSI 2016) under the theme of “Energy Sustainability and Security: Choices and Challenges for Power Supply Industry” held by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) in collaboration with the Association of the Electricity Supply Industry of East Asia and the Western Pacific (AESIEAP) during 23 – 27 October 2016 at Centara Grand at Central World. This event will open the forum for leaders in the international power organizations and more than 1,500 participants from over 40 countries to exchange knowledge and follow the technological advancements and academics of power industry in various fields aiming to push Thailand to be the energy hub of the region.
Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand revealed that the development of the energy sector is the main strategy for all countries as to create the growth for the country. Therefore, the development of technology and relevant personnel to be able to create innovations and energy-related businesses to be in line with rapidly changing technology is the thing to realize. The arrangement of the 21st Conference of Electric Power Supply Industry or CEPSI 2016 under the theme of “Energy Sustainability and Security: Choices and Challenges for Power Supply Industry” by EGAT and AESIEAP is an ample chance for us to learn and catch up with the advancements of technology and various areas of academics in power industry. This will benefit the developments of the country’s power supply industry and professionals and achieve energy sustainability and security in the region, ACM Prajin said.
ACM Prajin Juntong visit booths
  Mr. Kornrasit Pakchotanon, the president of AESIEAP and governor of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), stated that the power supply industry today is facing worrisome challenges and risks, initiation for power sector is unavoidably required, especially greater energy stability and a revival of renewable energy with heedful actions on its efficiency and environmental responsibility. Moreover, this particular region of East Asia and Western Pacific is improving to be the center of the global energy market, thus it is our responsibility to gain public acceptance as well as the confidence from the world of power industry. Amidst these circumstances, it is necessary to gather our force for a future of electric power industry where East Asia and Western Pacific regions aspire to stand up as a pillar of the global economy.
Prototype car by EGAT
The theme of CEPSI 2016 is “Energy Sustainability and Security: choices and challenges for power supply industry”. It is a great opportunity for our AESIEAP members and honored delegates to share our mutual interest and expertise as well as to discuss the issues regarding renewable energy, disruptive technologies, digital transformation and environmental problems.
These are big issues which, we, who are in power sector are facing, and trying to create innovation in order to draw out the most benefits and enhance energy sustainability and security within Asia-Pacific region and further to the entire world.
I believe that CEPSI 2016 is the conference that we can share various experiences and innovations among participants around the world to further apply in the future. For EGAT, we are moving ourselves to apply the new technologies and the environmental – friendly innovations such as: clean coal technology, renewable energy and smart grid to ensure the security and sustainability of the power supply industry as our choices and challenges.   I do have a conviction that Green and Clean Technology must be the choice to go. Regarding Green, I mean renewable energy, as for Clean Technology, I mean conventional power plant.  I believe if we have the optimum ratio of Green and Clean Technology, the goal of achieving energy sustainability and security will certainly be possible. Mr. Kornrasit added.
CEPSI 2016 will feature a wide variety of activities directly related to the power supply industry including a special speech by the world renowned speakers, such as Mr. Marco Baroni, the International Energy Agency (IEA), Prof. Dr. Jochen Kreusel, Head of Sector Initiative Smart Grids, ABB Group and more. Keynote sessions comprise of “Perspectives on the World Energy Outlook 2016”, “Challenge of RES, Energy Storage and EV in Electric Supply Industry”, “The Brave New World of Personalized Energy”, “Smarter Grids – the Key for Integration of Renewable Energy”, “Digital Transformation of the Electricity Sector”, “Web2Energy and other sample projects as a Disruptive Thinking of Energy Management” including “Big Shift In Power – Shaping the System of the Future”. Besides, there will be many interesting exhibitions organized by global leading power supply companies, for example, innovation of EVs, Smart Grid from EGAT, YuMi - a genius robot from ABB that can work together with humans as well as a technical visit to learn more about power technologies and workshops available at EGAT’s North Bangkok Power Plant and EGAT Workshop and Spare Parts Division.