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SEC signs MOUs to enhance CERT-Readiness

     The SEC has signed two memoranda of understanding with four regulators and 13 business and industrial organizations to strengthen CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) Readiness at The Ninth Tower Grand Rama 9 Building on 22 September 2016. 
     Both MOUs are the result of collective cooperation among the SEC, the Bank of Thailand, the Office of Insurance Commission, the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (public organization) together with key national infrastructure operators and business, commerce and industrial sectors to promote awareness and prevention of cyber threats, information sharing, issue management and sector-CERT readiness.
      SEC Secretary-General Rapee Sucharitakul said: “Cyber security threats come with advanced financial technology. These MOUs are another step toward better preparing all sectors for CERT Readiness to protect information technology security and national infrastructures.” 
The 18 MOU signatories are:
  • The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization) (ETDA)
Financial regulators:  
  • The SEC
  • The Bank of Thailand (BOT)
  • The Office of Insurance Commission
  • The Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission
  • The Energy Regulatory Commission
Business associations and agencies:
  • The Thai Bankers’ Association
  • The Thai Life Assurance Association
  • Thai General Insurance Association
  • The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand
  • The Federation of Thai Industries
  • The Internet Foundation for the Development of Thailand
  • The Telecommunications Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage
Critical infrastructures:  
  • The Metropolitan Electricity Authority
  • The Provincial Electricity Authority
  • The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
  • PTT Public Company Limited
  • The Stock Exchange of Thailand