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“GoBear” celebrates reaching 3.6 million users, becoming the biggest Financial Metasearch Engine for the digital generation

Bangkok, Thailand: “GoBear” (www.gobear.co.th), a Financial Metasearch Engine that collects information about financial products for consumers and brokers, one of the hottest start-ups in Asia, exceeds 3.6 million users within only one year of its launch in Thailand.
Synn Navamananda, Country Director GoBear (Thailand), explained that GoBear is a part of BCD Group, a leading global company with more than 830 billion baht annual revenue. GoBear has been tremendously successful with the launch in Singapore in 2015, and expanded to Thailand in October 2015. One year later, GoBear today has been well-received by the Thai consumers, becoming the top financial metasearch engine in Thailand, with more than 3.6 million users within just one year.
GoBear is the only website in Thailand which offers the most inclusive information about financial products and the best deals for both consumers and brokers. The website is user-friendly, with Thai menu to facilitate Thai users. This is one of the reasons why GoBear has become a popular brand within a short period of time.
“GoBear originated from the idea that people today want easy access to service information, and customers compare various products before making a decision. Of course, one of the sectors that customers compare products is financial services. This is where GoBear steps in, to provide a new experience that makes searching for financial products quickly, easily and transparently.”
Synn added, “The launch of GoBear in Thailand last year happened at the right timing as the Internet was very widespread, and consumer behavior had completed changed. Before they buy something, they search for information and compare before making a decision. In every step, consumers want the freedom of finding the information by themselves on the Internet, which they can do anywhere, anytime. They want to choose the best products and services for themselves. BoBear makes it easier for them to find information and compare benfits of financial products. In one website, they can find all the information they need, instead of visiting several websites. We also have special deals that are not available anywhere else. As a result, in just one year, the number of GoBear users has risen to more than 3.6 million. We are confident that by the end of 2016, there will be around 5 million users.”
GoBear is a search engine website that provides financial metasearch. It collects information about financial products in four categories namely car insurance, travel insurance, credit card, and personal loans. It partners with 54 financial institutes and insurance broker companies, with a clear role that GoBear is not a broker. Therefore, it gives non-biased information, focusing on the consumers’ best interest. The deals on GoBear are the best deals compared to other websites. GoBear also has blog posts about lifestyle, choosing insurance and financial products, and useful information for the general public.
Thanks to GoBear’s large number of users, promoting its website means marketing opportunities for its partners, whether financial institutes or broker companies. They not only communicate better with the buyers, but also gain insight from the users’ search in order to improve their products.  Having many partners brought together at GoBear, they compare themselves and improve themselves, which is good for the Thai consumers.
Synn talked about future plans for GoBear. “Over the past year, we’ve focused on brand recognition and we tried to make Thai consumers understand financial metasearch. Our next step is to expand our services to include other financial products for a more extensive service. We will also expand our business overseas. Today, GoBear is operating in five countries – Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, with expansion plans to cover the entire Southeast Asian region and neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Japan, and Korea, to make GoBear a global brand of financial metasearch.”
About GoBear:
GoBear is an financial metasearch website which provides information about car insurance and travel insurance based on prices and coverage. The website does not directly sell insurance, but redirects users to the actual website of the insurance companies or representatives.
GoBear’s headquarter is in Singapore, managed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff with expertise in banking and e-commerce. The goal is to change the process of online purchase through price comparison and concise information on car insurance and travel insurance.