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The most complete eco-system and the concept of open innovation are highlighted to strengthen the new generations start ups and empower Thailand to become a regional center for digital innovations.
True Group supports the Government’s policy on integration of the public and private sectors in driving the country into “Thailand 4.0” with the development of True Digital Park which will become the first digital hub in Southeast Asia, with investment from the private sector. True Digital Park highlights the world-class integrated co-working ecosystem and integrates the collaboration among government agencies and all business sectors, including global multi-national firms, in the form of open innovations to combine knowledge and know-how that facilitate the creation of digital innovations for Thai start up entrepreneurs. Consequently, this can enhance benefits and values for society, both domestically and internationally, as well as increase the country’s potential in all aspects to become the regional hub for digital economy. True Digital Park is located within the Whizdom 101 project which is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by mid-2018.
Mr. Suphachai Chearavanont, President and CEO of True Corporation Plc., said that True Group, as a member of the private sector, has a commitment to support the Government's policy of integrating the public and private sectors, and to respond to the policy in relation to the nation's economic development through innovations that will help propel the country into Thailand 4.0. As a result, True Group has initiated development of True Digital Park to become the digital hub of Thailand by gathering talented individuals from both domestic and overseas. It also brings about the fusion of knowledge that contributes to digital innovation, while attracting investment (funding) from around the world into Thailand. True Digital Park is another pride of True Group that will play an important part in strengthening Thailand to become the digital hub of the region. True Digital Park will focus on creating the ultimate ecosystem for the creation and research of digital innovation under the open innovation concept. With the coming together and support of government agencies, academics, private enterprises, national and global multinational companies, the newly created ecosystem will enhance the competitiveness of startup entrepreneurs to invent innovations that will benefit Thai society and the world.
Thailand has the potential to become the hub of ASEAN countries due to its readiness and availability of all facets relating to a digital economy. It can accommodate and attract business professionals and foreign investors into the country. Geographically, Thailand is located at the heart of the region which is fertile. It is also equipped with a modern nationwide telecommunications infrastructure. Moreover, Thailand’s open and friendly culture welcomes and makes foreigners feel at home. Therefore, becoming the digital hub under this new comprehensive ecosystem will contribute to the creation of open innovations and to the build-up of knowledge, as well as research and development (lab), which will lead to even more innovations that can help the new generation of tech start-ups in Thailand grow their business sustainably.
True Digital Park will be a part of the Whizdom 101 project of MQDC Magnolia Quality Development Corporation, which is a versatile project that blends together space for living, work, and leisure, as well as social activities seamlessly. True Digital Park has an area of 200,000 square meters, which is all connected to form a digital telecommunications network comprising the advanced 4G Plus, broadband and WiFi, all within a perfect ecosystem that provides a world-class co-working space in an open-air green area, complete with amenities that will fulfill digital innovation, businesses, and lifestyles. True Digital Park will serve as the epicenter of agencies and organizations that join and set up offices and data centers for the world's largest multinational corporations, Multinational Tech Enterprises, new tech start-ups, SMEs, universities and R&D, along with Digital Service Platforms, like Cloud, e-Commerce and e-Payment, providing rigorous support for running a business. The project is also backed by various government sectors to create an atmosphere and offer privileges that facilitate investment from foreign companies into the country. Moreover, it has a consulting firm to offer services to businesses, a fund raising network, and an international Crowd Funding. This will help build confidence and attract investment into Thailand, leading to further developments.
"As part of the private sector, True Group’s commitment is to support the Government’s policy and facilitate entrepreneurs for digital technology innovations where True Digital Park will become the digital hub of Thailand. The transfer of knowledge and software innovations will contribute to continuous further developments, strengthen the country's talented human resources to become more competitive, and serve as the foundation of growth for the digital economy. All these represent the development, empowerment, and transformation of Thailand into a digital hub at the heart of the regional digital economy," Mr. Suphachai concluded.
About Whizdom 101 
Whizdom 101 will be developed under “The Great Good Place” concept which aims to provide lifestyle balance between the home, workplace, and social – on a massive 43 rai property comprising residences, retail outlets, offices and huge areas of public space that will be one of the largest developments on Sukhumvit Road. Whizdom 101 offers areas for the next generation to gather, put aside their concerns of home and work, and just simply hang out, enjoying good company and the feeling of being a part of a community. Whizdom 101 will be Thailand’s first fully-integrated digital community, where offices, residences, retail and lifestyle facilities, and common areas will all be on a common digital platform, making the development a seamlessly connected digital town. The entire area will have the fastest WiFi connectivity provided free and give everyone in the community total freedom in the digital world. The project is situated adjacent to Sukhumvit Soi 101 and will be connected by skywalk to the BTS Punnawithi station that is within only 5 minutes’ walking distance. Whizdom 101 is expected to be completed by mid-2018.