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OPPO’s New Smartphone Equipped with 16M Front Camera and All Other Amazing Features at an Amazing Price
OPPO sets to take selfie a step further with the launch of “OPPO F1s”, OPPO’s newest Selfie Expert smartphone that brings consumers a new way to take a selfie with smooth, natural look. Equipped with 16MP front camera and a sophisticated photography platform, you can rest assured that the OPPO F1s will give you an amazing photography experience. In addition to that, OPPO F1s features an industry leading 0.22s fingerprint reader, a 5.5-inch Gorrilla Glass 4 screen and a sleek aluminum alloy back, a very responsive ColorOS 3.0 with RAM 3GB and the storage of 64GB (ROM 32GB+Free SD Card 32GB) that can be expanded to 128GB, not to mention a large 3075 mAh battery. With all these amazing features, the OPPO F1s provides faster, smoother and steadier performance all day long.
Receive special gift from OPPO when you reserve OPPO F1s from August 10-15, 2016. The new OPPO F1s will be available from August 17, 2016, in 2 colours – Gold and Rose Gold, at an amazing price of 9,990 baht.

Fact Sheet

The OPPO F1s is the upgraded Selfie Expert, and it takes selfies a step further. It features a 16MP front camera, a sophisticated photography platform, and an industry leading 0.22s fingerprint reader. Whether it’s for selfies on a night out or photos on a vacation, whether for work or play, the F1s will give you an amazing experience with its exquisite design, natural and beautiful selfies, snappy performance and excellent better battery life. It is the newest milestone in OPPO’s selfie revolution, and it comes at an amazing price of 9,990 baht.

  • Selfie Expert

  • 16 MP Front Camera
The front-facing camera adopts a 78.1° wide-angle view. A large f/2.0 aperture increases the amount of light that enters the camera, and ISOCELL technology works to prevent “crosstalk”, a phenomenon wherein light spills from one of the sensor’s light-detecting elements to another and muddies the final image. Meanwhile, high dynamic range prevents noise and makes for photos with a vivid depth and detail. All told, the F1s produces exceptionally clear and bright images.

  • Beautify 4.0
Beautify 4.0 has been upgraded based on the study of hundreds of user scenarios. With seven beautify levels, two skins tone modes and upgraded photo-processing algorithms, Beautify 4.0 is optimized to capture selfies with bright, clear skin, vivid eyes and striking features. It has been carefully designed to highlight beauty, but never at the expense of a natural feeling.

  • Practical and Fun
  • Selfie Panorama: Perfect for group photos. With a few turns of the wrist, users can take extra-wide 120° front-facing photos, as the F1 Plus seamlessly combines three photos and ensures that the whole party makes it into the shot.
  • Screen Flash: OPPO has upgraded the Screen Flash function. It now includes an auto mode, which automatically selects the appropriate brightness level for your surroundings.
  • Palm Shutter and Voice Shutter: By waving your hand in front of the camera, the F1s activates an automatic selfie countdown, leaving you free to get your shot just right and avoid the shake caused by pressing the shutter button. You can also activate the camera by simply saying “cheese!” On the F1s, users can activate these features directly on the camera interface.
  • Built-in Filters: The F1s has nine built-in filters and nine watermarks, allowing for endless creativity and fun, without the need to download any third-party apps,

  • Outstanding photography performance

  • 13 MP rear camera with PDAF
The F1s has a 13MP rear camera with a 1/3-inch sensor and a large F2.2 aperture, providing high light sensitivity and outstanding performance, even at night. Meanwhile, Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) delivers an auto focus time of as little as 0.1 seconds.
  • Sophisticated camera platform
  • Expert Mode lets users hone in on every detail of their photography, offering adjustment of shutter speed, focus, white balance and ISO, along with a leveling gauge, RAW mode and more.
  • Ultra-HD shoots four photos consecutively and combines the best parts of each to make one 50-MP, ultra-high-definition image, at four times the resolution of standard photos. With Ultra-HD, you can capture life in all its beautiful detail.
  • Double Exposure takes two photos and overlaps them in the final image, bringing endless possibility for creative juxtapositions and gags.
  • Super GIF instantly creates GIFS that can be played forward or backward. Try it out!

  • Touch Access

  • Lightning-fast fingerprint recognition
The F1s uses front-facing fingerprint recognition, which is able to recognize a fingerprint to unlock the phone in only 0.22 seconds. The fingerprint recognition system also evolves over time, gradually refining its image of the user’s fingerprint and making for an increasingly efficient and smooth unlock process.

  • Fingerprint-activated calling and app launch
You can assign up to five different fingerprints to different applications and contacts. Then, by using different fingers to unlock your phone, the app or phone call will start automatically, saving you the inconvenience of finding the name in your contacts list or looking for the app among dozens of icons.

  • Snappy performance at an amazing price

  • Snappy performance
The F1s cruises on an octa-core processor and 3 GB RAM, ensuring snappy performance and seamless multitasking.

  • Big Battery
The F1s features a large 3075 mAh battery. Backed with ColorOS 3.0’s power-saving optimizations, it will keep you cruising through the day. In OPPO’s simulated use tests using a mechanical arm that continuously cycles through various use cases, the F1s powered through a full 14 hours.

  • Triple-slot card tray, expansive storage
  • With the all-new triple-slot tray, users can throw in two separate 4G SIM cards and a memory card of up to 128 GB, helping to achieve work-life balance and giving plenty of flexibility in talk and data plans. If users expand the F1s’ 64 GB of storage (ROM 32GB+Free SD Card 32GB) by 128 GB, they’ll have enough space for up to 50,000 photos!
  • ColorOS 3.0
ColorOS 3.0 is seamlessly responsive, providing faster, smoother and steadier performance.
  • Design: With a flat, simple design language, ColorOS 3.0 has a tidy and refreshing new look, and significantly reduces the phone’s built-in image library for increased efficiency and speed.
  • Speed: System speed has been boosted by 25% compared to ColorOS 2.1, with home screen loading speed increased by 35%, and installation speed for a wide range of the most popular apps increased by 41%
  • Power Saving: ColorOS 3.0 automatically manages background apps and their power usage, saving battery while ensuring fluid performance. Users can also customize the list of managed apps.
  • Privacy Protection: Users can easily designate any contacts, apps, files, or other content as private. Then, when they activate the feature (for example, when lending the phone to a friend or colleague), all private info will be hidden automatically so the device can be shared without any worry.
  • Virus Scanner: The F1s features a virus scanner designed by Avast, for providing industry-leading protection in automatically monitoring and detecting threats to your phone’s security.
  • Eye protection: OPPO’s eye protection feature filters the blue light of the screen to protect your eyesight and avoid disrupting your natural sleep cycle.
  • Long Screenshots: Long screenshots are great for saving a lengthy chat history or article.

  • Sleek design

  • Look
The F1s features a 5.5-inch 2.5D Corning Gorrilla Glass 4 screen, with a pre-applied protective screen coating, giving a premium look without sacrificing premium durability. Two slender lines flow across the phone’s aluminum alloy back, giving it a sleek, effortless distinction.
  • Feel
With a micro-arc frame and 10° big circular corners, the F1s fits your hand perfectly no matter how you hold it.

  • Availability and price
OPPO F1s is available in 2 colours – Gold and Rose Gold. Consumers who reserve it from August 10-15 at participated stores will receive special gifts from OPPO. The OPPO F1s will be available nationwide from August 17, 2016, at an amazing price of 9,990 baht.

For more information, please log on to http://www.facebook.com/oppothai.