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Madam Explorer # Ying Thiew Ying Young Public Relations Campaign to promote travel for females aged 50++ market at Lone Island, Tambol Rawai, Phuket province

Royal Orchid Plus, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited partners with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thai Smile, www.HotelsThailand.com and Always Forever Young Magazine in organizing an exclusive trip for celebrities and media representatives to have an elegant yacht sailing experience in the Andaman Sea.  The event will launch a travel campaign for females aged 50 and over with Madam Explorer # Ying Thiew Ying Young 
Miss Jittima Udayachalerm, Director, Royal Orchid Plus Business Unit said, “Female travelers are a large and growing segment of leisure travel, each segment having varying preferences and interests during their travels. THAI’s Royal Orchid Plus, has a significant membership segment of women 50 years and older who have high purchasing power, are independent and seek travel experiences that are enriching on many personal levels.  Madam Explorer is the result of our insights into the behavior and preferences of a singular segment of Royal Orchid Plus members. We have partnered the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thai Smile, HotelsThailand.com and Always Forever Young Magazine to create the Madam Explorer # Ying Thiew Ying Young Campaign to promote travel in Thailand, uniquely tailored for women.
     The Royal Orchid Plus website thaiairways.com/rop will feature all campaign elements until 31 October this year while MadamExplorer.com website is the primary reference source with support by social media channels such as Facebook and Line
     We welcome all women in this age group who are Royal Orchid Plus members, and encourage all those not already a member to join the program, to enjoy all the special offers and activities that are unique to Madam Explorer.”  
Mrs. Juthaporn Rerngronasa, Deputy Governor for International Marketing Europe, Africa, Middle East and Americas, TAT said, “Female travellers are a very big and high-quality market.  TAT has constantly promoted the female travelling market.  Madam Explorer # Ying Thiew Ying Young is a campaign that focuses on females aged 50 to 65 years old.  Currently, there are about 6.5 million females in this segment.  Most of them are in management and are business owners.  They are still active, enjoy their lives and are keen to learn new things.  Moreover, they like to travel and join activities that enrich their lives.  More importantly, they have high purchasing power, high potential for travelling, and live their lives the way they want.  Females aged 50 and above are a high quality niche market that can serve the overall strategic female travellers marketing plan that TAT is implementing. The Madam Explorer # Ying Thiew Ying Young Campaign will help to stimulate travel on weekdays because this group of women has the freedom to travel without any time restrictions.” 
Activities in Madam Explorer # Ying Thiew Ying Young are as follows:-
  1. Travelling promotion for all Madam Explorers with special Privilege Hotel Deals from 30 luxurious hotels in popular Thai towns.
For reservations, please visit www.MadamExplorer.com anytime before the end of October this year.
  1. Enjoy games on Facebook: Madam Explorer # Ying Thiew Ying Young
  2. Vote on activities to search for the trip that Madam Explorers would like to take and win many prizes from the campaign.
The project organizers have partnered with Always Forever Young Magazine in conducting a survey of females aged 50 years old and above.  We found that their 10 most favorite trip styles are as follows:
  1. Gourmet Trip
  2. Floating Market Tour
  3. Temple Tour
  4. Meditation Tour
  5. Beach & Island Tour
  6. Health & Wellness Trip
  7. OTOP Village Tour
  8. Agro Tourism
  9. Village Tourism
  10. Eco-Soft Adventure