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Sulwhasoo The Essential Night 2016

Sulwhasoo, a leading beauty brand from Korea, at “Sulwhasoo The Essential Night 2016, an event to announce the success of Sulwhasoo in Thailand as it becomes the top-grossing country in Asean. Sulwhasoo is a pioneer of international beauty trends, offering a new dimension to sophisticated holistic beauty. Sulwhasoo The Essential EX Line is the brand’s bestselling range, desired by women around the world. The exclusively dinner was warmly attended by A-list guests who are loyalists of the holistic beauty ritual, led by Harudee Vorapongpisut, Brand General Manager of Sulwhasoo Thailand, and celebrities such as Akarat Wannarat, Varangkana Jitsakdanont, Parva  Nakasai, and Sawitri Rochanapruk.
Sulwhasoo is Korea’s flagship luxury brand which has created the art and science of skin pampering using holistic approach to bring out the power within. As time goes by, the skin’s balance begins to change, and the Dongui Bogam, which is an ancient remedy book in Korea recognized by Unesco has studied this matter for centuries. The knowledge is fused with modern technology, research, and innovations, resulting in skin beauty ritual treasure. It has been 4 years that Sulwhasoo Thailand has passed on this beauty ritual, becoming the leader of beauty in Asia and around the world.
This marks another momentous step in the Korean brand’s success as it celebrates its 4th year in Thailand. With a committed vision and more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Harudee Vorapongpisut, Brand General Manager of Sulwhasoo Thailand, is delighted to pass on this sophisticated beauty ritual to Thai women, who are socialites and like to pamper their skin just like elite Korean ladies. The brand has thus been warmly welcomed by celebrities, proven by the constantly growing sale of Sulwhasoo. The bestselling range is Sulwhasoo The Essential EX Line, which has been reformulated to fuse legendary herbs with innovations to indulge Thai women, reaffirming the success of the top Asian brand in Thailand.
On this occasion, Sulwhasoo Thailand is proud to present the latest innovation which is a harmonious blend between ancient wisdom and modern technology. Sulwhasoo The Essential EX Line is a sophisticated range designed to offer radiance and brilliance to the skin, using JAUM Balancing Complex™. Another product for holistic skin pampering is the brand’s bestselling serum First Care Activating Serum, which contains legendary herbs such as Jaumdan™, the core ingredient which helps restore skin’s natural balance from inside out.
Harudee Vorapongpisut said, “We are delighted that Sulwhasoo, Korea’s top beauty brand, is the first and only Asian brand to offer a holistic approach and has won the heart of A-listers around the world. We are among the five top beauty brands in the world in this century, and we aim to be in the top three in the next five years. Thailand is an important market in the Asean region which contributes to this impending success. Sulwhasoo Thailand is the fastest growing in Asia and the sale volume is the highest in Asean.”

 Today, Sulwhasoo continues to innovate in order to indulge the skin with holistic approach using powerful ingredients to address every skin need and help women around the world achieve their ideal beauty. This is why it has become the leader of beauty in Asia and in the world.
Experience sophisticated holistic beauty from Asian wisdom today at Sulwhasoo counters to bring out your balancing beauty from within,