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ME by TMB is on the right track…being the first completed Digital Banking since last 4 years With average annual growth of 110 percent

     ME by TMB, set the new standard in Thailand to complete digital banking for deposit segment, is stepping into its 5th year with immense success. Past performance has been better than expectation with average portfolio growth for over 110 percent, with deposit average growth at over 80 percent per year and average balance more than 205,000 baht per account. ME by TMB uses the strategy to offer higher interest rate than normal savings and add new digital service and process, enabling customers to make easy transactions without any need to go to branches.
Miss Rachada Sermsillapakul, Director of Marketing and Sales at ME by TMB, says 2016 marks the 5th year of ME by TMB. ME was launched in 2012,  ME by TMB is regarding the first brand in Thailand in becoming completed digital banking, which ME by TMB has created a new phenomenon to Thai banking industry based on the concept of “Self-Service Banking to Get More".
ME by TMB has granted its account holders online access to self-services and get more e.g. can enjoy a higher interest rate than normal savings account without hidden condition. Even better is the fact that customers can access ME by TMB services round the clock. Deposits, money transfer, balance checking and accumulated interest checking can be made anytime via online, application and call center services. Even unlock password, it can be requested via ME call center. Today, ME by TMB performance has exceeded its initial targets. Its average portfolio growth for over 110 percent, with deposit average growth at over 80 percent per year .
“All these figures have proven that we are on the right track. We have foreseen market trends before any service provider in Thailand. Importantly, we have solid understanding in our target consumers. We know they will fully embrace the coming of Digital Era while they feel inconvenience going to branch any longer. Look at our interesting figures, the number of our new customers has jumped by more than 20 percent every year. This fact reflects that public understanding in ME by TMB services are increasing. In Thailand’s banking industry, ME by TMB is an ultimate innovator. We have challenged the conventional norms when we allow customers to conduct their financial transactions anytime anywhere and even forget that they can do at branch as well, and to enjoy a higher interest rate. Our service truly responds to consumers’ new digital lifestyle,” Miss Rachada says.
New customer of  ME by TMB has increased by 20 percent on average every year which they are familiar using internet, prefer to manage their time by themselves, freedom and flexibility are the key factors in their life, inconvenience going to branch. Of all its customers, 64 percent are Bangkok residents while the rest live in up country. By age group, more than 80 percent of the customers are new-generation people. They are between 23 and 45 years old. Average balance per account of ME customer are around 205,000 baht.  Such outstanding amount is relatively high among retail segment. So clearly, accounts at ME by TMB are of good quality, reflecting the holders’ good saving habit.
On 2016 goals, ME by TMB expects to increase the number of new customer by 20 percent through its main strategy of offering higher interest rate, promotions that respond to customers’ digital lifestyle, and extra convenience through ME by TMB application. But ME by TMB is also preparing to allow prospect to open accounts without any need to physically verify their identity at the bank branches. This channel is scheduled for launch during the third quarter of this year. With the launch, ME by TMB will become the first commercial bank in Thailand to provide full-scale digital process for its banking services.
ME by TMB expects the number of its deposit accounts to rise to 1 million accounts within the next five years (by 2021). As consumer become increasingly familiar with online and mobile banking, which can be made via smart devices, The fourth generation of wireless mobile telecommunications will benefit people in making transactions via online channel with speed and convenience. Lifestyle of new generation consumers will go to full digital without the need brick and mortar.
"ME by TMB has laid out system and service channels for digital process, which customers can open deposit account or make transactions via online. All services have been prepared for future in digital in order to accommodate convenience to the customers.
Currently, ME by TMB has four own branches (ME Place), which serve monthly activities of customers at ME Place at around 0.06 percent. Hence, we plan to gradually close down ME Place this year. The customers of  ME by TMB are able to request documents and make transactions anywhere anytime from online channel, website MEBYTMB.COM, ME by TMB application and ME Call Center all 24 hours. ME by TMB, we are ready to complete digital banking ” Miss Rachada says.
     Consumers can get information on ME by TMB services via WWW.MEBYTMB.COM, ME Call Center 02 502 0000.