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Evoli Baby Huggable Blanket and Evoli Baby Multi-Purpose Balm

Sending Your Love Through The Gift Of Love
“Mom” is the most important person for most of us, if not all. All moms try to do their best for their little ones, and their family. For moms you are the best gift and the best fuel for her to keep going, and to be the best that she can. Other than genuine smiles, kind words, our simple actions such as hugs to show your love
For the  mother’s day this year, why not try to find a gift full of love and care for your mom, or the mother of your little one, to show her that you appreciate all she has done. You will be surprise her much joy a little gift full of love can bring to her.
     Recommended “Evoli Baby Huggable Blanket” Newest Size 150x200cm, suitable size for moms and also comes in newest Color “Princess Pink” as this will be a perfect gift of love to any moms, especially those who loves her little one’s Huggable Blanket. This blanket is so soft and cuddly  referred to with the quote “LOVE SOFTENS ALL FEARS”.  Each blanket comes with signature heart, and is carefully selected to be truly huggable and ultra-soft so it is a dream comes true on every touch.   It is lightweight and fluffy without catching dusts to give your special one comfort and softest touch from evoli, even for those with allergies.    
Laboratory Tested in term of reaction to saliva and perspiration and pH value.
 Recommended size for your moms and wife:150x200cm. (3,350 Bath.)

There is also a  special personalization services. You can put the extra details which will surely show your love and care - name or word such as LOVE. You can choose to print a special quotes that could have special meanings to her.
Evoli Baby Huggable Blanket
Size: 150x200 cm. (3,350 Bath.) Recommended for your precious women!
        Available 2 colors:  Sky Blue, Princess Pink
Size: 70x100 cm. (1,650 Bath.)  , 100x150 cm. (2,250 Bath.)
       Available 3 colors: Sky Blue, Pure White and Princess Pink
And to those with newborn babies, you probably you know how delicate and difficult breastfeeding can be show your wife how much  you appreciate and care by carefully selecting a gift    with love and care with the goal to give the warmth and bliss feelings  for your wonderful wife. Introducing one of our products that moms love, “Evoli Baby Multi-Purpose Balm” it was referred to with the love quote “LET ALL THINGS BE DONE WITH LOVE”. The multi-purpose balm created for even the baby’s dedicate skin.  This emollient can be used on lips, face, body, or as diaper cream and massage balm, leaving skin pampered anywhere, anytime.  It is definitely an all-in-one must-have.  Do not let the little tub size fools you because a little goes a long way for this multi-purpose balm. Breastfeeding moms have found this balm perfect and effecting in preventing chap and dry nipples when apply on her feeding area before and after shower, and after breastfeeding. Show her that you appreciate and support her in what she’s doing for your precious little one.
And who said dads can’t take part in the breastfeeding part?
Evoli Baby Multi-Purpose Balm Size:   30 ml  Price:  950 Baht.
About evoli
“The start of evoli comes from me wanting to find the solutions and products that I can be confident that they would be safe for my own baby.   Even more important is that other than the fact that we carefully selected the products to make sure they are good for our babies, we must also consider that these products are making our babies happy or not.   And, once the products are created, I would like to share it with other parents as I believe that other moms and dads would also want to give the best products for their babies also”.  
Kamolchat Juangroongruangkit
(Creator of evoli) with her son.