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PFP Group gears up for export market, setting a goal of 10% growth, targetting  China and Muslim countries  and production line expansion to cater to consumer  lifestyles.  PFP prepares to launch four new products in the ‘Ready to Eat’ line at the THAIFEX 2016 event scheduled from 25-29 May 2016 at Challenger Hall 3, Muang Thong  Thani.  Focus will be on quick cooking recipes to create authentic Thai dishes that will suit Western tastes. 
Mr.Thawee Piyapatana, Chairman of P.F.P. Group, the leader in manufacturing and distributing  frozen processed value-added seafood products under label  the “PFP”, revealed that the world demand on seafood consumption is still increasing, based on consumer preference for healthy foods of which  seafood is one of the choices.   Hence, PFP products are in line with the trend both in product quality and freshness as well as Halal guaranteed . Furthermore, PFP also has an R&D department to continue with the development of new products to suit the needs and the preferred taste of consumers.  PFP has been exporting processed seafood products for more than 30 years covering 21 countries worldwide. 
As regards export sales, Mr.Thawatchai Ratanapisit, Executive Director of the P.F. P. Group said that in the past year, PFP Group’s overseas sales surpassed 1.3 billion baht of which the Asian marketachieved 72%, Europe 12%, North America  8% and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand)  8% respectivel.
This year, apart from the targetted overseas sales growth of 10%, PFP plans to continue expanding distribution channels to European and North America markets. These markets comprise consumers with high purchasing power who opt for healthy foods. Such markets are directly relevant to the positioning of PFP products whose target group is the middle class consumers. Meanwhile, in the Asian market, focus is on China, which is the biggest market for Imitation Crab Stick product.  For CLMV market, PFP will focus on expansion to supermarkets and the large scale modern trade in the city. Moreover, PFP is exploring to new markets such as Muslims in Indonesia in line with the government policy to push the export of Thai Halal products to become one of the world’s top five Halal food exporters  within five  years.
“Company strategies for expansion to overseas markets this year are 1. To develop new products to serve the changing consumer behavior 2. To increase the purchasing amount of existing customers by 5-10% in 2016 by offering special promotions and campaign 3. To seek new customers via various exhibitions and trade shows in new markets especially in the Muslim countries to increase the Halal market shares.” said Mr. Thawatchai

Ms. Piyakarn Piyapatana, Executive Director of the P.F. P. Group, disclosed that at the upcoming THAIFEX 2016 on 25-29 May 2016, the company is preparing to launch new products in the Ready to Eat line with focus on convenience and saves time in the cooking process to cater to the lifestyles of the new generation  but still retaining healthy nutrients and authentic Thai taste, e.g., the world famous Tom Yum.
“The four products we will be launching at THAIFEX 2016 are the from our frozen products line:  Fish Noodles, made from good quality fish meat with high protein and no added MSG and Gluten-free, is a ready-to-eat packet with spicy Tom-Yum flavoured sauce and XO sauce as flavourings.   The second product from the Imitation Crab Stick line is the premium-grade Alaska King Crab Legs made of the Pollock fish meat imported from America with a texture and taste very much like the real Alaska King Crabs whch is suitable for the health conscious.  It can blend well with Japanese style menus or mixed with salads including spicy Thai style salads.  Croquettes, the bread crumb stuffed, fish meat flavoured  product using good quality, non-greasy bread crumbs comes in four flavours:  Green Curry,  Sriracha Sauce, Tom-Yum and Creamy Crab. The croquettes are for everyone in the family and suitable to be served at parties.  Available from the Retort Pouch line are  ‘Phuket Style Green Curry Fish Ball’ and ‘Stewed Fish Tofu’. All PFP products are well researched and developed from the company’s R&D department in order to serve consumers of every lifestyle and taste in each country,” added Ms. Piyakarn.
As regards activities at the PFP Booth in THAIFEX 2016, PFP will stage special events i.e. a  business talk session for entrepreneurs who are interested in using PFP products in their food businesses;  special priced frozen foods; new product launch; how to add value to PFP products cooking demonstrations by expert chefs. Moreover, PFP’s special lucky draw campaign “PFP 30 Years Try Your Luck” is still applicable for customers who purchase PFP products.  Consumers can join the lucky draw by filling in the label on top of PFP products with their name and address and drop it off at the lucky draw boxes at our distributors; or send the label to PO. BOX 6, Laksi Post Office, Bangkok 10210.  Prizes comprise Isuzu D-Max Hi-Lander (Grand Priza), Yamaha motorcycle GT125, and gold necklaces totalling 2.5 million baht. Submission deadline is 30 September 2016.  For more information, please visit www.pfp-pacific.com
     PFP booth at THAIFEX 2016,Challenger Hall 3, Impact Muang Thong Thani:
Trade Days:  25-27 May 2016
Open to Public: 28-29 May 2016 (10.00 AM to 8.00 PM)

About PFF Co., Ltd.

Pacific Fish Processing Company Limited or PFP, the leader in the processed frozen seafood business and fish paste or Surimi producer, has created more than 90 products under the PFP label; and continues to develop and produce quality products of world certified standards using modern technology, and under strict control by highly experienced  local and international experts in food and nutrition.   PFP slogan: “Simply delicious, made from Ocean Fish”.