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McDonald’s shakes up QSR market Launching McFried Chicken JUMBO Platform to Thai customers

McDonald’s Thailand reinforces the leadership in Quick Service Restaurant unveiling the latest active marketing strategy by launching ‘McDonald’s Fried Chicken JUMBO’ platform with the mouth-watering and biggest size of fried chicken at value price responding to the need of the real fried chicken lovers through all touch points of communications.
Ms. Petcharat Uthaisang, Chief of Marketing Officer of McThai Co., Ltd. said “As the QSR leader in burger segment, the core menu of McDonald’s, we have developed many local menus to please Thai customers with highly success such as McPorridge, McPatongko (Deep-fried Doughstick), McKao Kaprao etc. In addition, as the results of our consumer research, we found that fried chicken fans prefer to have the biggest ever portion of fried chicken served. This customer centric drives us to develop the new platform of our McFried Chiecken to meet customers’ demands by offering the biggest size of fried chicken with highly level of quality of raw materials provided by certified poultry suppliers with animal welfare practices and food quality standards of McDonald’s. As real ingredients from farm to fork, the highest quality of chicken meat are perfectly seasoned and cooked under McDonald’s food safety standards. McFried Chicken JUMBO offers a guarantee of the biggest size of fried chicken in QSR market at value price of Bt 37 per piece and variety of McFried Chicken JUMBO menu selection for customers.
In Thailand, the total market value of QSR is estimated more than Bt 34,000 million with not less than 10% yearly growth. The fried chicken market value is worth Bt 14,000 – 17,000 million.1 Comparing to other kinds of meat offering protein like pork, beef, fish and seafoods, chicken consumption per capita in Thailand is about 19.70 kilograms in 2015.2
“We are confident that the platform of ‘McFried Chicken JUMBO’ will be an attractive product category in QSR market and will meet Thai customers’ demands,” added Ms. Petcharat.
The McFried Chicken JUMBO guarantees the bigness coming with variety of menus offering more choices to customers to enjoy the delectable crispy fried chicken at the value for money price of Bt 37 per piece. The platform of McFried Chicken JUMBO includes variety of selections such as Jumbo DD Set at Bt 69 – 99, Jumbo Sud Kum Set at Bt 129 – 149, Jumbo Tem Eim at Bt 199, Jumbo Jud Nuk Set at Bt 259, and Jumbo Yai Yai Set at Bt 369 with the signature of Thai spicy chicken sauce.
McThai will spend over Bt 50 million to promote McFried Chicken JUMBO to ensure the ‘bigness’. The communications cover all touch points of both online and offline media especially various events marketing through social media and channels in order to expand the customer base of 3 major groups i.e. families, young adults, and teenagers. The programs include ‘McFried Chicken JUMBO Challenge’, a product test by net idols and food bloggers and real-time broadcasted via Facebook Live; photo sharing with hashtag; music VDO and cover dance contest to win prize on Facebook; viral marketing through various web portals; TVC and music VDO launch via YouTube, facebook, LINE, Instagram; advertising on plasma TV on BTS and movie theatres; and in-store media at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.
Source: 1. ASTV Manager
2. Thai Broiler Processing Exporters Assocation