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SEC public hearing on proposed amendments to arbitration rules

     Bangkok, March 30, 2016 – The SEC is seeking public comments on proposed amendments to the rules governing dispute settlement between retail investors and intermediaries to adjust the arbitration process in line with the current economic environment, international standards and relevant laws. 
The key points of revision are:
(1)  To increase the amount of damage claim eligible for entering the arbitration process;
(2)  To adjust the time period for preparation of arbitration request and evidentiary documentation before the arbitration process begins; and
      (3) To revise the termination period for possession of prohibited characteristics by the persons on the SEC Arbitrators List.   
The consultation paper is available at www.sec.or.th/hearing. Stakeholders and interested parties are welcome to submit comments through the website, or facsimile at 0-2263-6301 or email: saticha@sec.or.th.    

The public hearing ends on April 29, 2016.