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MQDC advances on Whizdom 101; harvests its strong promises and prepares for presales of second condominium building

  • Bookings before official presales worth around Bht 1,000 million – further proof of successful mixed-use developments under ‘The Great Good Place’ concept 

  • Prepares for presales of Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit – the second condo building in the Whizdom 101 project – on 12 March    
Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit, the answer to all-around needs for superior living, completed with multiple facilities and amenities

Bangkok (8 March 2016)MQDC Magnolia Quality Development Corporation, the owner and developer of quality residences and Whizdom-branded mixed-use development projects, announced that it has proceeded full steam ahead with ‘Whizdom 101’ – its innovative mixed-use development under “The Great Good Place” concept which has received excellent feedback from its target groups and the market in general.  Construction is in progress as planned; foundation piling has already been completed for the first residential building, and the same process will begin for the second one shortly afterwards.  The company is ready to open for official presales of residences in the Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit project, the second condominium building in the Whizdom 101 development, on 12 March 2016 at the project’s sales gallery on Sukhumvit Road.  To date, before official presales, the project’s more than 120 units, worth around Bht 1,000 million, have been booked.
Mr. Suttha Ruengchaipaiboon, Executive Vice President of MQDC, said, “MQDC has unveiled information and introduced the second condominium building in the “Whizdom 101” project called “Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit” to VIP prospects and existing customers.  We have also conducted international roadshows in Singapore and Hong Kong.  The feedback is better than what we had expected.  Although we have not opened for official presales, bookings have reached more than 120 units worth about Bht 1,000 million.  Strong interest has been received for large residences with 2-3 bedrooms, 51.9 – 101.8 square metres in size.  It is against the market trend for condominiums around that location where small units are usually more popular among buyers.”   

“Whizdom 101 is developed and designed on the strength of The Great Good Place concept.  It is a new concept adopted for the first time in mixed-use development in Thailand, providing an ideal balance between the homeplace, workplace, and social places – all with international standards and in a massive scale.  The fact that Whizdom 101 has received such a positive feedback from its target groups and the market in general clearly shows the behaviour and behavioural trend of today’s consumers regarding their choice of residences.  They are more sophisticated when it comes to their preferred lifestyles.  The way we see it, the new generation is no longer looking for residential building or location alone as they also look for a lifestyle on offer at a particular project.  They look for quality living in an environment that promotes happiness, comfort and living quality in all aspects.  The residence must be a home, an office, a place for relaxation and social activity.  Those are the factors that make customers choose us,” Mr. Suttha said.
Show units of Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit

Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit is a high-end residential condominium building in the Whizdom 101 project.  Rising 50 stories, it has 664 units with the ‘Sense of Perfection’ highlighted in every detail of living, offering a new perspective for superior lifestyle among nature for relaxation of the body and mind.  Designed to spark new inspiration and creativity every day, it comprises 1-bedroom residences with 33.7-44.9 square metres in size, 2-bedroom residences of 51.9-83.8 square metres, 3-bedroom residences of 100.2-101.3 square metres and penthouses of 195.9-209.6 square metres.  Average price of the units is at Bht 140,000 per square metre or starts from Bht 3.99 million per unit.”
A 50-metre swimming pool in the garden

Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit is the answer to all-around needs for superior living.  It is complete with multiple facilities and amenities such as Whizdom Sky Garden and Rejuvenate Lounge with full-height glass that allows residents to sit back and relax, work or use as a resting space while enjoying the view from above with no glass edges to block the sight.  A 2-rai park provides shades and fresh air for the project.  A 50-metre swimming pool in the garden comes complete with a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool for children.  There are also a fitness centre and a yoga room for exercises as well as a jogging track and a bike lane in the garden for those who love outdoor physical activities. Moreover, each residential unit comes with a 30-year warranty that covers 4 categories including building structure endurance, roof/ceiling fissure, windows and doors usage, and pipeline leakage.  All units are equipped with a fresh air refilling device in every bedroom.  Residents will enjoy a superior experience of our Smart Home Automation System.  It represents the first time in Thailand’s property sector that a developer has created a state-of-the-art intelligent innovation for modern living to make life easier.  With the system, residents can send remote instructions for room functions even from outside e.g. instructions to turn on/off the lights, air conditioner and TV.  There are also Whizdom Society Apps that allow residents to book the fitness centre, restaurants, or any activity within the Whizdom 101 project with just a few touches – all to allow residents to live a perfect lifestyle in the digital era.

Note to the Editor

MQDC or Magnolia Quality Development Corporation is one of Thailand’s premier property developers.  It focuses on creating high quality residential developments which integrate research and advanced technology to offer better design that uplifts the quality of life of residents while also creating a great environment for their neighbourhoods and surrounding communities.

Whizdom are condominium projects of quality for new generations. Every component is designed to be environmental friendly and able to meet residents’ need and satisfaction on a daily basis.  Most importantly, Whizdom-branded condominiums are located in convenient areas, suitable for living and buyers who seek ways of life in the future as well as those who wish for a household that fosters quality lifestyle and self-development, leading to success on their career paths, whereas time for other activities and infinite learning remains abundant in order to make every day joyous and worth sharing with everyone in the society.