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dtac accelerate batch 4 new season starts, ranked Thailand’s No 1 incubator program,

helps business grow with digital technology in moving toward Digital Thailand
March 4, 2016dtac launches dtac accelerate batch 4, an incubator program ranked as the best in Thailand due to its world-class training by top startup experts from Silicon Valley and mentorship opportunity by successful Thai startups. This year’s program includes a partnership with DiGi Malaysia and Telenor Myanmar, who will send startups to attend the 4-month bootcamp in Thailand, preparing them for entering the AEC market. The winners will receive a free one-year 24x7 access to work space at HANGAR Coworking Space after the program.
In addition to becoming a Digital Service Operator, dtac also has an important mission to support the government to build Digital Thailand in which digital technology is used as a driving engine to grow the economy. There are initiatives to apply innovation and technology expertise in all manufacturing and service sectors and to enable SME’s in agricultural, industrial, and service sectors to have access to digital technology, as part of the roadmap to promote and enhance digital startups in all industries. dtac is ready to support the government by providing business knowhow, creativity, innovation, and social identity to help startups to grow their business and collectively to improve the economy and society.

dtac accelerate is part of the Ecosystem that relies on digital technology to drive the economy. The program plays an important role in grooming Thai startups and giving them an opportunity to reach their full potential and access to funding sources, and as a result, gaining momentum to build a strong and sustainable economy and society for Thailand. dtac has also collaborated with the government and other relevant organizations to help Thai startups by providing platforms for them to showcase their products at both domestic and international levels

Mr. Andrew Kvalseth, EVP, Head of Strategy & Innovation Group, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac (Right), said, “The startup industry has been growing rapidly over the past 2-3 years. In 2015, the investment in Thai startup industry reached 35-40 million USD or 1,260 – 1,440 million Baht with over 20 deals. The total investment was expected to be close to 50 million USD or 1,800 million Baht, when taking into account several undisclosed investments. dtac launched dtac accelerate 3 years ago when it realized the potential of the startup industry and increased its focus and dedication on Startup Ecosystem. For 2016, dtac aims to elevate dtac accelerate to a world-class accelerator program. dtac accelerate has consistently been growing and by the 4th year, it has been regarded as the best program in Thailand due to its proven success over the past 3 years in helping 11 participating startups to succeed and enter international markets. Some of the success stories include:
·       Startups from dtac accelerate have grown 3-15 times, with a total worth of 1 billion Baht.
·       70% of dtac accelerate startups have received funding. The market average is only 20%.
·       3 out of 6 dtac accelerate startups received VC funding during the 4-month bootcamp.
·       4-5 dtac accelerate startups are top-ten ranked in several Thailand’s top startup rankings
·       500 TukTuks, one of the world-class and most active VC firms, has 50% of its budget invested in the dtac Accelerate family.
·       ClaimDi, an auto insurance industry-revolutionizing software, received $2 million Series A funding, bringing the company’s total worth to $10 million, a 15-times growth in just 12 months. This is the largest ever Series A funding ever received by a Thai startup. ClaimDi is recently ranked as one of the World top 10 startups in insurance or Top 10 InsurTech.
·       GizTix was the winner and Z my Home was in the top 5 of Echelon Thailand 2015.
·       Take Me Tour is ranked one of the top 5 travelTech applications in Asia by e27.
·       SKOOTAR name as “The Rising Startup of the Year 2015” in several Thailand’s top startup ranking

Mr. Sompoat Chansomboon, Director of Business Innovation & dtac accelerate (Left), said, “We continue to see rise of FINTECH for this year and next 2-3 years, HealthTech will getting hot across the world due to aging society and device/software getting smarter, EdTech will help to improve world education and make it accessible, eliminate more inequality. With full 4G roll out- Media Streaming will getting popular across in Thailand and SEA. VR Technology will getting commercialize more and more this year and next year onward. IOT & Machine learning together with AgriTech will also be the next big thing for global trend that will lead to Thai startup opportunity. Startups hope to join dtac accelerate because of the opportunity and rewards the program offers, which include the following:

1.   dtac accelerate is ranked the best incubator program in Thailand with a strong training curriculum and world-class boot camp, which includes teaching and one-on-one mentoring from top experts from Silicon Valley.  
2.   The program provides 10 million Baht funding and commercialization support worth 50 million Baht, doubled from last year.
3.   The mentors include top well-known Thai startup gurus, including Khun Ariya Banomyong, Managing Director, LINE Thailand, Khun Natavudh “Moo” Pungcharoenpong, CEO and Founder, Ookbee, Khun Pawoot “Pom” Pongvitayapanu, CEO, Tarad.com, Khun Kittinan “Jack” Anuphan, CEO and Founder, ClaimDi, Khun Patai “Boat” Padungthin, CEO, Builk, and Khun Tiwa York, CEO, KaiDee, who mentored the 2 winners from last batch.
4.   This year’s program partnership with DiGi Malaysia and Telenor Myanmar allows startups nominated by DiGi and Telenor Myanmar to attend the 4-month boot camp in Thailand. The collaboration will help Thai startups grow into the Malaysian and Myanmar market and give startups from DiGi and Myanmar an opportunity to learn from Thai startups.
5.   Partnership with Disrupt University, an exclusive partner of 500 Startups – one of the world’s top 3 VC firms from Silicon Valley.
6.   Partnership with BlackBox, the world’s Top 5 most popular accelerator in Silicon Valley, allows the winner from dtac accelerate to participate in the boot camp, connect with successful entrepreneurs and investors, and gain access to resources to accelerate their global expansion.
7.   Partnership with Telenor Digital Winners offers an opportunity for startups to pitch to world-class VC firms such as Intel Venture Capital in Norway.
dtac accelerate Batch 4 opens for applications from March 4 to April 17, 2016. Interested persons can submit their proposals, including business model, product use instruction, revenue potential, target customers, and benefits to customers. Details and online applications are available at http://accelerate.dtac.co.th/.  Pitch Clinic will be held on April 3 to help applicants prepare their proposals. The selection of final 20 teams will be announced on April 22. All the teams will pitch on Pitch Day, April 27, and the selected teams will attend a 4-month intensive bootcamp from May to August. The final round of pitching and the winner will be announced on Demo Day in August.