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The Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories have developed a complete anti-ageing skin care line, Crema Nera Extrema, a scientific and sensory revolution. With its exceptional efficacy delivered through voluptuous and light textures, Crema Nera Extrema is the quintessential anti-ageing care.

The ultimate skincare ritual is now enriched by CREMA BIANCA, the new supreme brightening concentrate that leaves a velvet touch on the skin.

A serum, a miracle of youth and light, which combines the skincare expertise of Giorgio Armani Beauty with a recent cutting-edge scientific discovery about anti-dark spot and anti-ageing.


CREMA BIANCA is a serum containing active ingredients that maintain the quality of the dermis yet also strengthen the cohesion of the dermo-epidermal junction.

This brightening concentrate acts at different levels of the skin for a more comprehensive anti-dark spot effect and helps effectively fight signs of ageing.

RADIANCE: Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night, or cereus grandiflorus, is a rare and exceptional flower that only blooms once a year, at nightfall. When it is lit by the moon, this flower mysteriously changes colour from yellow to white. Closed, its sepals are yellow; open, it reveals an immaculate white heart. At dawn, it closes, not to bloom for a whole year.

It is an active ingredient which, through its antioxidant properties, fights free radicals and helps improve the complexion’s radiance.

ANTI-DARK SPOTS: Moonwhite Complex

This set of active ingredients includes ellagic acid, polyphenol (certified Ecocert) and symwhite, scientifically known as phenylethyl resorcinol (synthesis derived from pine molecules).

The Moonwhite Complex reduces the appearance of dark spots by reinforcing skin radiance.

ANTI-AGEING: ReviscentalisTM

Myrothamnus Flabellifolia is an extremophile plant, with a legendary resurrection capability. When in contact with water, it is able to come back to life after years of dormancy. We owe this discovery to the world’s greatest specialist in resurrection plants: Jill Farrant, Professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

The Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories have created ReviscentalisTM, a combination between Myrothamnus Flabellifolia extract and rhamnose. ReviscentalisTM enhances cell renewal. This precious «life concentrate» is the scientific hallmark of the Crema Nera Extrema line and now lies at the heart of CREMA BIANCA.

Combined with Pro-xylane, ReviscentalisTM is capable of acting in the dermis to protect the quality of the fibroblasts, recently revealed as one of the main factors involved in the appearance of dark spots.


IN THE SHORT TERM, on the skin’s surface: The skin regains all its luminosity thanks to «rosy glow» pearl extracts and the «BB» effect white powder which act on the skin’s surface. The complexion is even and radiant.

IN THE MEDIUM TERM, in the epidermis: Queen of the Night provides an antioxidant action. It helps fight free radicals and further improves the radiance of the complexion.

Dark spots on the surface of the skin are reduced through the dual whitening and exfoliating action of the Moonwhite Complex. The ellagic acid it contains reduces dark spots by regulating the production of melanin. The properties of symwhite, the second active ingredient in the Moonwhite Complex, brighten the skin and fade out skin blemishes.

To complete the brightening results, LHA, derived from salicylic acid, gently exfoliates and refines the skin texture.

IN THE LONG TERM, in the dermis: Day after day, star anti-ageing active ingredients, ReviscentalisTM and Pro-xylane, play an important role in optimising the quality of the dermis and the cohesion of the dermo-epidermal junction by stimulating specific proteins to reduce signs of ageing.


CREMA BIANCA is a refined and sensory emulsion. The silky formula offers infinite lightness and is instantly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling velvety and very refreshed.

CREMA BIANCA features the olfactory signature of the Crema Nera Extrema premium ritual. Subtle notes of white flowers with a hawthorn top note, the Chinese flower Osmanthus in the middle and a base note of blond cedar. A delicate and feminine alchemy.

New CREMA BIANCA is enhanced by a white and silver bottle, crowned with a white cap. A bottle in stylish, minimalist lines. Very chic.


REVIVING MINERAL EYE CREAM applying it on the eye contour in delicate movements working from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, to be repeated during the day on top of make-up for a fresh and rested look. Then apply CREMA BIANCA serum with three fingers in light strokes on the entire face. With the palm of the hands, apply light pressing movements from the centre working outwards. Finally, take SUPREME REVIVING CREAM in the palm of the hands and apply all over the face, finishing with the neck. Then perform a continuous circular motion with the fingertips all around the face.

To optimise the benefits of CREMA BIANCA, include the serum in the daily Crema Nera Extrema ritual, morning and evening.

After removing make-up, boost the vital functions of the skin and enhance the benefits of other skin care in the routine with ACQUA PANTELLERIA lotion to be applied over the entire face in a circular gesture after having poured few drops onto a cotton wool pad. Then, revitalise the eyes with YOUTH MEMORY EYE SERUM, a nourishing anti-ageing concentrate, applying it below the eye and on the eyelid by gently pressing with the fingertips. Illuminate the eye with OBSIDIAN.

Crema Bianca is available in King Power Dutyfree, Thailand in February 2016. SRP: THB 13,740.00