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Royal Paragon Hall sets strategy for “The World-Class Venue in the Heart of Bangkok”

offering state-of-the-art facilities and premium services,
expects 15% growth and 250 million baht revenue in 2016
Bangkok (March 14th, 2016) – Royal Paragon Hall celebrates a full decade of being a world-class venue, set to claim the status as “The World-Class Venue in the Heart of Bangkok” with strategic location and premium brand, expecting to grow by 15% and generate 250 million baht in 2016.

Mr. Talun Theng, Managing Director of Royal Paragon Hall, talked about the success of Royal Paragon Hall on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. “What reflects the success of Royal Paragon Hall the most is positive feedback from all our clients. Royal Paragon Hall has been chosen to be the venue for various major events in national and global levels, thanks to our strategically convenient location and our highly experienced team. Royal Paragon Hall has a premium image, which contributes to a good image of our clients. Over the past decade, we have been continuously trusted by leading organizations and brands, with an average of 120 events and a million visitors annually.”

Royal Paragon Hall is a leading venue of an international level with a premium image. The venue has a capacity to cater to various types of events. Most of its clients are MICE events, concerts, and other events. Its marketing strategy has been designed under the framework called MICE3 - E3 refers to E = Exhibition, E=Entertainment and E=Event. Each year, its business grew as high as 10% on average over the past decade.
“To celebrate our 10th anniversary, Royal Paragon Hall will continue to move forward, following the Siam Piwat’s corporate vision of ‘The Icon of Innovative Lifestyle’. In line with this vision, Royal Paragon Hall will focus on being an innovation leader in providing unparalleled experiences to visitors. We want to create something new and unique to elevate Thailand’s MICE industry to another level.”   Mr. Talun said.

To become “The World-Class Venue in the Heart of Bangkok”, Royal Paragon Hall announced its strategies which include attracting more foreign clients by conducting more marketing communications activities in targeted countries with the goal to shift its local and international client ratio from 80:20 to 70:30 this year. It also has Partnership Reward Program to reward existing clients and convince them to continue the partnership. This year, Royal Paragon Hall aims to grow by 15%, generating 250 million baht – 30% from exhibition, 30% from entertainment, 20% from special events and 20% from meeting and banquet.
Moreover, to be the leader of the MICE industry in Thailand and to cater to all types of events, Royal Paragon Hall has launched its own organizer service. The one-stop service aims to better facilitate clients and to improve service efficiency.
For this year’s first phase investment, Royal Paragon Hall has invested 50 million baht in venue renovation and personnel development with the aim to elevate the image of the venue, adding more luxury and modernity.  The logo of Royal Paragon Hall has been changed into gold color to reflect its world-class status. The lights were also changed into LED lights, which not only save energy but also create a new ambience for clients. In addition, the lighting system at Royal Paragon Hall is distinctively different from that of other venues in Thailand as they can change color and can be controlled individually, whereas other venues can only switch on and off the whole batch at the same time. By being the first venue in Thailand to utilize this system, Royal Paragon Hall can offer innovation that caters to its clients’ creative needs. For personnel development, the management team has been trained in the Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM) program, which is a globally recognized program in the MICE industry.
“The major contributor to the success of Royal Paragon Hall is our highly experienced and service-minded teams of professionals who are ready to assist our clients and ensure that their events turn out to be as perfect as possible. We work to understand the client’s needs as our
main goal is to create success and maximum benefit to clients and business partners. We are extremely dedicated to every client’s event, whether big or small. Attention has been paid to every little detail because this is the true foundation of success.”  Mr. Talun said.
On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Royal Paragon Hall took the opportunity to give back to the society and help elevate Thailand’s MICE industry through an activity that stimulated innovation and creativity for the industry. A seminar titled “Trend: Creative for Iconic Events” was held, inviting Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, President of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and Dario Cherubino from Azimut, an expert in organizing unique and creative events from Italy. The speakers shared their ideas and experience with the audience that included those working in the MICE and tourism industry as well as MICE students on March 14, 2016 at Royal Paragon Hall.