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dtac reward & SF Cinema City Keep on Surprising dtac and Happy Customers Free Movies Every Month

 in “dtac reward Movie Day” Campaign
February 26, 2016 – Penpa-Nga Suddhimondala, Vice President – Head of Loyalty, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac and Mr. Deja Thamchaipenet, Business Development Department Manager,SF Corporation Public Company Limited, continued to surprise dtac and Happy customers with more of “Free Happiness” – free monthly movie screening “dtac reward Movie Day” exclusively for dtac reward, dtac reward Xtra and BLUE MEMBER customers throughout 2016. Stand a chance to watch free blockbuster, romantic and family movies for 2 seats per 1 phone number every month via dtac reward LINE official account. Starting off the first month of 2016 was “Zootopia” movie screening with 200 lucky customers chosen to join at SF World Cinema, 7th floor, Central World, on February 25, 2016. Extra rewards of SF Movie voucher worth 400 baht were also given to customers at dtac reward booth via Shoot & Share activity with #dtacreward hashtag on Instagram. Simply check your status whether you are dtac reward, dtac reward Xtra or BLUE MEMBER customer by dialing *140# (free). Stay tuned for more exclusive activity updates via dtac reward Line official account and www.dtac.co.th/dtacreward.