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Dr.JIN 5-Days Beam Hydrogel Mask PROGRAM

The Brand New Dr.Jin : A Pure Skin Science, Cosmetics + Pharmaceutical Brand
Wonjin Bio Healthcare has launched Dr.Jin, the Cosmetics + Pharmaceutical brand for people who suffer from skin trouble and desire to have healthy and radiant skin based on the scientific research, accumulated skill and experience from Wonjin Clinic.

Dr.JIN cosmeceutical products was created to resolve all issues related to skin trouble for modern people of today.Ever since Dr.JIN’s established year 1999, every single patients’ medical examination data has been used to create a true formula focusing on health and beauty for people all over the world.

What is the Skin Care Specialist Group of Wonjin Bio Health Care?
The Skin Care Specialist Group is made up of 40 specialists in various departments such as dermatology, cosmetic surgery, family medicine, stem cell research, and anti-aging research. The in-depth research of skin care by the collaborative work of these 40 specialists and Wonjin's technology will help you achieve the dream of rejuvenating skin.

Dr.JIN Brand Promise

There are many skin-care specialists at Dr.JIN
A group of specialists, plastic surgery specialists, and stem cell researchers are continuously making efforts to resolve skin trouble through the best and effective methods that science provides.

Natural ingredients may not always be better
Poisonous mushroom and herbs are such. Dr.JIN will make its best efforts to scientifically combine natural ingredients and nutritional ingredients acquired by modern technology that improves skin’s health and appearance.

Safety is first
Dr.JIN is created through strict supervision of dermatologists. Dr.JIN skin-care specialists are ceaselessly making efforts every day to create safe and effective skin-care products.

Experience new experience of hydrogel mask
To help solving your skin problem and enhance your skin cell ultimately

Dr.JIN 5-Days Beam Hydrogel Mask PROGRAM

Day 1 : AHA
For dead cell eliminate and promote shiny and smooth skin

Day 2 : HA
For reducing skin wrinkles & improve skin elasticity

Day 3 : GSH
For controlling the creation of melanin and restraining the development of freckles and dark spots

Day 4 : Amino
To protect skin from stimulation and strengthen the skin wall

Day 5 : Ceramide
To provide nutrient by creating collagen and elastin

How To Use
Apply a mask sheet over face and leave 30 minutes.

Mask 1 pack (5 sheets)/ price THB 1,500

Dr.JIN 5-Days Beam Hydrogel Mask PROGRAM are available at Wonjin Beauty Medical Center, 4th Floor, Central Embassay. Contact Center 0819459087

Online shopping : www.wonjinthailand.com