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Panasonic gears up to grow air-con market in 2016 SKY Series set for first global launch in Thailand

Panasonic has moved forward to drumming up Thailand's air-conditioner market for 2016 with the launch of SKY Series, the world's first phenomenon to the air-conditioner industry. The new product is capable of delivering more efficient cooling via top flap to provide maximize airflow for a better life quality and designed for best elegance. Panasonic expects to obtain a greater market share in the high-end Room Air-Conditioner market.
Mr. Takeshi  Nomoto, Managing Director of Panasonic A. P. Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said the air-conditioning products by Panasonic for 2016 have been based on the production of Japan Quality for more than 60 years. In addition to the quality and durability that have won consumer trust, Panasonic has also focused on the development of new innovations in instant response to the demand of consumers. Panasonic has also intended to produce electrical appliances to perfectly match with consumer lifestyle. SKY Series, is the latest air conditioner model developed from the consumer demand survey, especially among Asian consumers who prefer air conditioners that have an elegant look and offer comfort cooling. Panasonic is confident that the new product will effectively meet the needs of consumers.

In regard to the overview of Panasonic's air-conditioners market in 2015, Panasonic's air-conditioners have been ranked first and popular in Japan, Vietnam, and Malaysia. They have been very successful in the Thai market and in Southeast Asia, especially in Room Air-conditioner market. In Thailand, the Room Air-Conditioner market has grown up to 140%, similar to the growth in the neighboring countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Panasonic plans to increase the market share of Room Air-Conditioner market together with expanding its B2B market.

Mr. Dai Nishi, General Manager of Air-Conditioner Marketing of Panasonic A.P. Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said Panasonic's air-conditioning products were well received in 2015, especially in the Room Air-Conditioner market, thanks for the advantage of iAUTO-X feature that provides faster cooling. The market growth has prompted Panasonic to continue marketing the products in 2016. Following a survey on the needs of Asian high-end consumers, it's found that most consumers, or around 90 percent, are looking for air conditioning products for use in their master bedroom, followed by a children's bedroom, living room, and dining room, respectively. With a detailed survey, it's found that air conditioners, used in the bedroom, could cause problems such as a dry throat in the middle of the night, being too cold, cool air blowing on body to cause discomfort, and noise, among others.

Consumers therefore require an air-conditioner that offers consistent cooling, cooling without blowing cold air directly, a great air purifying system, quiet operation without affecting sleeping, for example. As a result, Panasonic has developed an innovative air conditioning system, the first of its kind in the world called SKY Series to serve the high-end customers and to support the expansion in the segment. It's also seen that the target group is likely to focus on the selection of quality air conditioners for good health, a distinctive simple design to serve as an outstanding furniture set, and cooling capacity for best comfort. Panasonic's SKY Series is also launched for the first time in the world here in Thailand.

Mr. Chatchai Techapanich, Manager of Air Conditioner Marketing of Panasonic A.P. Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said the products in the SKY Series are the best among Panasonic's series product line. They are distinguished by their SKYWING as the first in the world that the flab is installed on top of the air-conditioner. The top flab SKYWING releases fast cooling direct to ceilings and walls to minimize day-long heat buildup from the sun outside and also adjust the temperature in the room. The system allows cooling without blowing cold air directly, gently and more evenly which provide comfort sleeping. With the integration of Econavi and Inverter technologies, the air conditioners provide more energy savings.
     Panasonic has planned the awareness of the SKY Series products through both below-the-line and above-the-line channels including front store promotions and other special offers as well as a caravan van to promote SKY Series products to major communities across the country for this summer. Consumers are welcome to test the performance of Panasonic SKY Series air-conditioners with Panasonic's representatives and at leading department stores. For more information, please contact Panasonic Customer Relation: 02-729-0000 or visit http://www.panasonic.com/th