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Mitsubishi Electric reinforces its leadership with the launch of latest innovative air conditioning product

with “Dual Barrier Coating” technology underlining “The Cooling Master” image.
Appointing  “Pope – Thanavat Vatthanapooti” as its presenter in the new advertisement campaign for the second year in a roll
Bangkok - January 13, 2016: Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co., Ltd. Today announces its plan to sustainably grow its business and continuously enhance its brand awareness with the expansion of service and market networks as well as appointing “Pope –Thanavat Vatthanapooti” as its presenter in the new advertisement campaign for the second year. The company will premiere the new innovative Air Conditioner with Dual Barrier Coating technology.  It plans to add on Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Customer Support Office as well as expand its service center to 143 branches nationwide and projects sales of 15.5 billion baht within the fiscal year of 2016.
Mr. Yasushi Moriyama, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co.,Ltd. said that we had noticed the beginning positive sign of consumer confidence index and the clearer picture of the government’s economic stimulus campaign during the past few months. Therefore, as a result, we expect that the overall Thai economy would be better.  For the home-use electrical appliances such as air conditioner, etc., we have seen rooms in increasing our sales as their possession rate in Thailand is considered low. We will focus on selling quality products such as air conditioners, refrigerators, electric fans, water pumps, etc.  In addition, we will put our effort in marketing various product groups including the air conditioning system for commercial section, lighting system, ventilation and solar energy which we are confident will be successful in Thailand.  The recent opened Mitsubishi Electric Advance & Innovation Center" (AI Center), which is utilized as an education center for cooling technology and complete innovative energy saving solutions to create experiences for customers and offer complete after-sales services, would reinforce the market confidence and increase overall satisfaction.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan will continue with its pursuit for sustainable growth focusing on eco-friendly innovation with social responsibility. In 2016, Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co.,Ltd. will celebrate its 45th anniversary and move forward to become a part of  the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). In fiscal year 2020, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan will celebrate its centennial celebration and has set the global sales target of JPY 5 trillion and the profit margin of not less 8% deploying business strategies to reinforce its strength with broader expansion in the global market especially the ASEAN countries with rather high growth potential. The company has set forth with its plan for AEC market such as promoting the distribution and services under “confidence, safety and living comfort” policy. The company will also support the development of sustainable environmental friendly society e.g. environmental friendly technology and product development, cultivating environmental friendliness and awareness among our employees through various CSR activities.
Mr. Praphon Potivorakun, Deputy Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co.,Ltd. revealed that the company has been successful in its decision to appoint Pope –Thanavat Vatthanapooti as its presenter last year to refresh its brand image and to reach out to younger generation with the warm and friendly personality of the presenter. This year again, the company has decided to select   Khun Pope as the presenter for the new advertisement campaign for the second year with aims to enhance its brand awareness. Moreover, the company is committed to develop new quality innovations with modern and green technologies to serve the demand of new generation consumers. The company is confident that it will certainly achieve its 2015 fiscal year (April 2015 – March 2016) end sales target of 14.5 billion baht.

As for its strategic business plan for the fiscal year 2016, The company will add on 9 service centers to   a total of 143 centers nationwide and plans to open Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Customer Support Office to support the growing economy and act as a consultation having project engineers to provide consultation on the design of the air conditioning system effectively coupled with being environmentally friendly focusing on the pre-sales and after-sales services for project sales, large building and distributors. The fiscal year of 2015 there are 2 Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Customer Support Office in Phuket and Chiangmai provinces. The company plans to further expand its Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Customer Support Office in Rayong and Udonthani province for FY2016.

Praphon added that the company focuses on human resource development by transferring Mitsubishi Electric’s knowledge and new technologies to engineers, technicians, teachers and student so as to contribute and leverage sustainable advancement of the Thai society through various training courses with more emphasis on workshops and hands-on trainings at Mitsubishi Electric AI Center such as technician trainee knowledge review course, technician development project to increase the capacity of technician potential.

To mark the 45th anniversary milestone of Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co., Ltd., the company has prepared Mitsubishi Electric service car under the slogan “Speedy & Efficiency Service” underlining the strength of a professional service team to build confidence in the quality of service standards.
Mr. Anun Bunjerdtum, Director and General Manager – Marketing and Sales Division, Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co., Ltd. revealed that “In 2016, the company will continue with its strategy to reinforce its brand image and further expand its customer base from the effective new product development under the concept of “We Think … From Your Life”. We have projected the total sales of 15.5 billion baht for FY2016. The new product development this year will further serve the demand of new generation consumers as well as project and distributor client groups and reflect “The Cooling Master” image by combining modernity and technology in 4 product categories. We will for the first time introduce “Dual Barrier Coating” technology in our new air-conditioner. This latest technology will help repels dirt such as dust, oil mist and bad smell so the air-conditioner can function at its full capacity and prolong the cleaning schedule. The company has also increased its product line-up on the “Inverter” segment. As for the refrigerator, it emphasizes on the energy saving function adopting Neuro Inverter System and expands the vegetable compartment with “Vitamin Factory” Technology to preserve the freshness and retain vitamins of the green vegetables. As for electric fan range, Mitsubishi Electric has outstanding features different from others called the closed motor featuring durability and lower power consumption with the highest security. The company has also developed a Q5 Series Pump which comes with newly designed propellers with full force water emission and safety deposit box with 5 years warranty and a no. 5 energy saving label.

“The company has a fully integrated marketing communication plan to support the new product launches as well as continuously enhance our brand awareness. We have appointed Pope – Thanavat Vatthanapooti as the presenter for the launch of new advertisement campaign for the second year, to reflect the refreshed and modern image of “The Cooling Master” under the concept “We Think … From Your Life”.  Moreover, the company has planned various marketing activities particularly those in the digital platform reaching out to target consumers at various touch points combining internet technology, social network, mobile application and seamless business through Facebook, Google, etc. The company also has several sales promotion campaigns in the pipelines including 0% interest installation payment.  We are confident that our strategic marketing efforts will boost the total sales growth by more than 7%.
“As Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co., Ltd. will celebrate its 45th anniversary, the company has prepared many special activities such as consumer campaigns, distributor sales promotion activities, new logo and distributors’ outlet refurbishment nationwide scheduled for completion within 3 years. We have re-designed our new logo, revamped our mobile vans and planned CSR activities for the Thai society”, added Anun.