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TV home shopping business “HIGH SHOPPING”

INTOUCH in cooperation with HYUNDAI HOME SHOPPING launch
TV home shopping business “HIGH SHOPPING”
New dimension of home shopping business in Thailand with the goal to be market leader in 24-hour TV shopping business.
     From left - Dia Diana, Mr.Kang Chan Suk - CEO of HYUNDAI HOME SHOPPING NETWORK CORPORATION, Mr. Lee Hae Seung - CEO of HIGH Shopping Co., Ltd, Mr. Philip Tan Chen Chong – President of INTOUCH HOLDINGS PLC.

    “HIGH Shopping Co., Ltd.” is the joint venture of INTOUCH MEDIA CO., LTD. a subsidiary of INTOUCH HOLDINGS PLC., and HYUNDAI HOME SHOPPING NETWORK CORPORATION the leader in home shopping business from Korea. HIGH SHOPPING is set up to provide home shopping business in Thailand with the registered capital of 500 million baht from INTOUCH MEDIA (TH) 51% shareholding and HYUNDAI HOME SHOPPING (KR) 49% shareholding, respectively.
     The purpose of joint venture between INTOUCH, the leader in communication technology in Thailand and HYUNDAI HOME SHOPPING, the leader in home shopping business with over 15 years’ experience, is to bring capabilities of both companies to operate a joint venture company, HIGH SHOPPING. With the potential of INTOUCH in digital content business which allows customers to reach product details and services via various channels including INTOUCH’s network such as telecommunication network, satellite network and high speed broadband internet, combining with expertise and experience on retail and home shopping business from HYUNDAI HOME SHOPPING, will support and enhance business of HIGH SHOPPING to grow strongly, to create confidence to customers and able to meet customers’ demands by acting as shopping channels with convenience and efficiency.    

     In addition, HIGH SHOPPING is one of the members of TV Home Shopping Association (Thailand) to improve the standard of home shopping business to reach universal standard and to protect
customers rights by ensuring that customers shall receive product with good quality and reasonable price and able to meet all customers’ demands.

     HIGH SHOPPING has various key strategies including the format of demonstration and presentation also broadcasting with high definition quality, the selection of various quality products for customers to choose covering all customers’ demands such as kitchenware, cosmetics, electronics, IT gadget, exercise equipment, fashion items, etc. and variety of sale channels for customers. Moreover, HIGH SHOPPING has 24-hour Call Center at 02-1234-555 for more information with free product delivery nationwide and many types of payment options such as credit card, online banking, cash on delivery, and so forth. Importantly, HIGH SHOPPING ensures customer satisfaction with product return policy and after sale service.
     Mr. Lee, Hae Seung, CEO of HIGH SHOPPING said that “Thailand has a potential for our investment and home shopping market in Thailand is expanding and growing continuously. Recently customers perceive and become more familiar with the convenience of home shopping which help increase Thailand’s home shopping overall market to grow at least 20% every year for the next five years. As an attempt to increase the market share, the competition among players for providing better service and more benefits to customers will accelerate and enlarge market size approximately from 10 Billion THB in 2015 to 20 Billion THB in 2020.

The strategy for the first half of 2016 is the cooperation between INTOUCH group including AIS to building customer trust and confidence. With the philosophy of HIGH shopping, we aim to become the most successful and trusted home shopping business in Thailand.

For the second half of 2016, our goal is the expansion of product base to bring more premium products and international brand to HIGH SHOPPING from Hyundai Department Store in order to cover more demands and lifestyle of customers. In addition, we will focus on issuing a campaign with promotion to increase more sales for the whole year. Moreover, we have a plan to expand TV channels to cover local cable TV nationwide to reach more target customers.
     HIGH SHOPPING has target sale in the 3rd year is 3,000 million baht and 4,500 million baht in the 5th year also our goal to be in top 3 of home shopping business in Thailand and will be the leader of home shopping market within 2020 based on the financial strength and capability of INTOUCH and HYUNDAI that will enable HIGH SHOPPING to compete in this business for future growth.

     HIGH SHOPPING’s HD TV programs can be viewed 24-hours from satellite TV for both C-Band and KU Band on PSI Channel 63, GMMZ Channel 45, BIG4 Channel 40, DTV Channel 37 and AIS Playbox. Finally customers can also update news, activities and promotions at www.facebook.com/highshopping