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Product Exhibition Industry in 2016 Expects Promising Growth after Thai Economy Gives a Sign of Recovery and Growth in AEC’s Trade and Investment,

While BES Declares to Turn Thailand to International Product Exhibition Hub which the Total Circulating Fund from Event Arrangements this Year are Expected over 31,000 Million Baht.

     Thai Economy in 2016 is giving a good sign of recovery from investment and government’s economic stimulating schemes as well as benefit from the growth of trade and investment in the group of AEC countries. In addition, private sector has seen this opportunity and rush to overhaul production technology and business capacity development which significantly help growing Product Exhibition Industry in 2016. BES; one of world class leading product organizers declares to turn Thailand to International Product Exhibition Hub which this year BES aims to organize 6 domestic and ASEAN events together, while domestic event organizing is expected to generate the total circulating fund over 31,000 million baht or considered to increase 15 – 20%.  
        Mr. Justin Powell, General Manager of Bangkok Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. (BES) said about the overall of Thailand’s international product exhibition organizing business that even though last year Thailand might face economic deceleration, product exhibition organizing business particularly in the industrial group could gain approximately 15 – 20% growth since manufacturers and business operators always sought for more opportunities and new group of customers by setting the channel for participating in some well-known product exhibitions that attract the great number of businessmen. This effort was considered to worth investment rather than other channels since they could meet the great number of targeted customers at one time and immediately close sales.

        In addition to the trend in 2016, product exhibition industry organizing business will continue its growth since the world economy starts to get recovery and growth in trade and investment within the group of AEC countries as well as investment in infrastructure and government’s economic stimulating scheme. These factors has built up private sector’s confidence on investment to develop product and service production capacity in order to gain more competitiveness capacity which tends to bustle up industrial product exhibition organizing business in the past years.

        For BES’s international industrial product exhibition organizing plan, there will be total of 6 events divided into 2 domestic events as 
     ProPak Asia; the Asia’s biggest exhibition in industrial products, production process technology, food processing, beverages, medical supplies and containers and 
     Food & Hotel Thailand; an industrial product exhibition in international food and services which these two major events occupy over 65,000 square meters of combined organizing spaces considering to increase by 15 – 20% from previous year and expecting to generate over 31,000 million baht of total circulating fund from event arrangement.

        Besides, four more industrial product exhibitions will be held in Myanmar with wide coverage in several industrial fields as 
     Food & Hotel Myanmar, ProPak Myanmar, CommuniCast Myanmar; an industrial product exhibition in communication and information system,
     Construction, Power & Mining Myanmar, an industrial product exhibition in construction, electricity, alternative energy generating and mine with the total organizing spaces of 25,500 square meters. By striking product exhibition markets in the group of AEC countries particularly Myanmar which is considered one of the most attractive countries for investors worldwide, this can benefit businessmen and investors from Thailand since Myanmar and Thailand have several in common both in economy and society which give a great opportunity for Thai products and investors to strike the market and operate business in Myanmar rather than other nations.  
     In addition to BES’s policy and business operation direction in Thailand which is considered one of the companies in the group of All World Exhibitions Events; the world’s biggest event organizers, BES has set strategies to turn Thailand to the strategic point and ASEAN regional industrial product exhibition hub since the company has seen Thailand’s potentiality and strong economic foundation that can be further developed. If the politic still remain calm and economy gives some sign of recovery, it makes believe Thailand will definitely get back on track for being ASEAN’s most attractive and captivated countries for investment.