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13 world famous motorcycle brands flock their bikes with tempting promotions to rumble in the Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2016.

The BigBike market continously hot with expected spending ampont over 600 millions Baht and 1.2 million visitors.
13 world famous motorcycle brands join “Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2016” (BMF 2016) the greatest motorcycle Festival in south east asia, and mobilize their highlight models with tempting promotions that available only in this festival; believes the great potentials of the festival can fulfilling the various requirements of riders perfectly with expected spending ampont over 600 millions Baht and 1.2 million visitors.
    Mr. Nattapon Trinathy managing director of Cycle Culture Show,. LTD the event host of “Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2016” (BMF 2016) the greatest motorcycle Festival in south east asia revealed the availability of this year event that 13 world famous motorcycle brands attended the festival this year featuring with BMW, Benelli, Honda Bigbike, Indian, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Scomadi, Ural, Vespa, Victory, Yamaha and Zero Engineering with over 40  popular brands of accessories and motorcycle related gears shops by Thai and foreign entrepreneurs in 15,000 square meters area covering inside and in front of CentralWorld, to organized this event in the concept ‘Ride With Respect’ which is reflecting our intentions to give the bikers creating a magnificent riding cultural together with road obligingness; with the budget about 15 million Baht to manage and represent various activities throughout the 5 days of the event which will held this upcoming 27-31 January 2016 at CentralWorld.
    For activities, we has provided to participate fully enjoy such as a custom bikes exhibition zone, Motorcycle clubs zone, Custom bike contest with many famous customizers attended by transformed the CentralWorld’s patio to exhibition field especially beer garden with live music show in the evening as the meeting corner for all bikers.
    The inside area of the shopping center still remains unique by each brand will exhibited their highlight models and booking with special campaigns which available only in this festival by the co-operation of financial institutions and motorcycle brands whether it is ultra-low interest rate, discount give-away, free insurance and accessories; there some motorcycle brands launch their new model in this event as well.
    The front area of the shopping center are preparing to accommodate the parking lot which support about 1,000 motorcycles for promoted the event to be more international as the meeting point for those who enthuiasm in motorcycles inth festival style celebration worthy as title “Bangkok Motorbike Festival” rather than regard of sales booths, concidered to response BigBike trend with more quantity and more riders who will visit the festival.
“Although it is not special area for designers to exhibite their accessories and motorcycle related gears as the opportunity to trade in the B2B in this year event but the fascination of it there many of them have reserved the space area to extend their own business. This is one of the event fascination while the overall success of the event; we continously success to held the festival for 8th year, this is the measure of the BigBike market growth and users trend that the festival can fulfilling the various requirements of  big bike users perfectly.
     This is the festival for those who enthusiasm in riding comes to meeting, the most and the largest compiling place for many parts, accessories, clothing collections and motorcycles with special price sales.  Over 1,000 motorcycles sale and the currency (include parts and motorcycles related gears) over 500 millions Baht last year event with expectation of 1,200 motorcycles sales and the currency about 600 millions Baht with 1.2 million visitors for 2016 event; believes this year festival will definitely succeed in all of motorcycle gross sales, visitors amount and the successful of motorcycle brand and motorcycles related gears shop which can extended their own business after finish our festival.”
Mr. Nattapon Trinathy also mentioned about the information from department of land transport Ministry of Transport that the registration of big bike (400cc and over) in 2015 was about 19,000 units increased more 20% than 2014  which according to manufacturers’ estimated by several factors such as motorcyclists used larger cc engine capacity motorcycles, gradually decreasing of excise tax for BigBike form japan following the Japan – Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement (JTEPA) as well as invested manufacturing plant of famous European motorcycle manufacturer in Thailand. As a result, we got lower price in Thailand motorcycles market. Due to the decreasing of price and excise tax plus the investment of many manufactures while total growth of 400cc engine capacity big bike’s market was about 20% last year with 19,000 units; these conditions reflecting more continuously popularity especially middle sized motorcycles.
Mr. Nattapon Trinathy said in conclusion that full access to Asean Economic Community (AEC) of Asean nations will certainly vibrant Thailand’s big bike market especially road trip riding because Thailand is the hub and access points to another nations in this region.
 Experience the greatness of “Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2016” the greatest motorcycle festival in South East Asia to choose you favorite big bike, purchase accessories and desing your own collection cloths and gears in this upcoming 27-31 January 2016 at CentralWorld; the largest lifestyle shopping destination in Bangkok. The admission is free!