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dtac reward & SF Cinema to Bring Lucky Customers to New Zealand as Special Thanks in “dtac Combo Plus” Package

December 28, 2015 - Enjoy 2 deluxe movie tickets, popcorn set together with SMS package for 400 messages with dtac Combo Plus at 299 baht. In addition, pay 399 baht for another dtac Combo Plus package for 2 deluxe or premium movie tickets, popcorn set and SMS package for 400 messages. Every dtac reward and dtac reward Xtra customer also stands a chance to win a free 7-day trip to the North Island of New Zealand with dtac reward and SF Cinema during April 16-22, 2016 (5 prizes for 10 lucky customers). Simply purchase any dtac Combo Plus package and movie tickets at any SF cinema outlets to earn 1 chance for dtac reward customers to participate in the lucky draw and 2 chances for dtac reward Xtra customers. Total value of the campaign is over 1.2 million baht. Subscribe to purchase dtac Combo Plus today until February 29, 2016. Winners of the New Zealand trip will be announced on March 3, 2016. For upcoming activity updates, visit www.dtac.co.th/dtacreward and dtac reward Line official account.