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Casio Launches Casio Marketing Thailand

Casio strengthens Thai relationship with the introduction of Casio Marketing Thailand
Bangkok, 12 November, 2015: Casio Marketing Thailand Co., Ltd was established in July 2014, and is the fourth subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd in the ASEAN region, after Singapore—established as the regional headquarters—in 2001, followed by Indonesia in 2011 and Malaysia in 2014. Casio Computer Co., Ltd has been promoting its products and brands through its distributor networks in Thailand since the 1970s.
The Kingdom of Thailand, home to more than 67-million people, is one of the largest markets in the ASEAN region. Casio Marketing Thailand Co., Ltd was established to foster greater relations and co-operation between its headquarters in Japan, and the stakeholders in Thailand. Casio is also looking forward to engaging the local consumer market with more on-the-ground activities, as well as the introduction of its products under its portfolio. Aligned with its corporate creed of ‘Creativity and Contribution’, Casio also looks forward to working with the relevant education entities, to develop unique educational instruments that are catered to the local curriculum.

Casio Marketing Thailand Co., Ltd welcomed its management team with Mr. Koji Shinjo, appointed as the Managing Director of Casio Marketing Thailand Co., Ltd in 2014. Mr. Koji Shinjo joined Casio Computer Co., Ltd in 1999 and worked in the domestic sales division for consumer products. He was assigned to Casio Europe GmbH in Germany in 2006 as a Sales Planning Manager, where he engaged in the set-up of several European subsidiaries. Most recently in 2014, Mr. Koji Shinjo was assigned to Casio Singapore Pte Ltd, as a Business Planning Manager, and shortly after appointed the Managing Director of Casio Marketing Thailand in the same year.
“Thailand is a vital market for Casio in the ASEAN region”, said Mr. Koji Shinjo, Managing Director of Casio Marketing Thailand. “On behalf of Casio Computer Co., Ltd, my team and I look forward to establishing closer relations with our partners, and the introduction of more exciting products in the near future.”

Casio Marketing Thailand Co., Ltd operates in partnership with its distributors in Thailand, namely Central Marketing Group (CMG), and East Enterprises Co., Ltd for the distribution of its products. Through its stakeholders, Casio Marketing Thailand shall oversee an ever-expanding portfolio of products, including:
  • G-Shock, Baby-G, Edifice, Sheen, Oceanus, Pro Trek and Casio-branded timepieces
  • Exilim selfie-oriented compact digital cameras
  • Celviano and Privia grand hybrid and digital pianos and keyboards
  • Casio scientific, graphical, commercial and general line-up of calculators and label-printers
  • Casio Lampfree Laser-Hybrid LED projectors
  • Casio handheld point-of-sale (POS) and cash register terminals
Casio Marketing Thailand Co., Ltd is located at Unit 803, 8th Floor, No. 208 Wireless Road, Pathumwan, Lumpini, Bangkok, Thailand.

Casio Releases Distinguished Metal Twisted G-SHOCK MTG-G1000D Series for the Discerning Globetrotter
Latest addition to G-SHOCK’s sophisticated MT-G line comes armed with Casio’s revolutionary GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor and Dual Coil Motor for precise timekeeping worldwide
Bangkok, 12 November 2015: Casio Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has announced the arrival of the G-SHOCK MTG-G1000D, the latest addition to its premium line-up of Metal Twisted G-SHOCK timepieces, which has been enhanced to suit today’s savvy jetsetter. It guarantees superb timekeeping as it is armed with Casio’s revolutionary GPS Wave Ceptor Technology and a Dual Coil Motor to quickly adjust and display accurate time, no matter where in the world.  

The MTG-G1000D is the final piece to be added to Casio’s Global Time Sync collection, alongside selected G-SHOCK, EDIFICE and OCEANUS models featuring Casio’s pioneering and world’s first GPS Wave Ceptor Technology which utilises radio wave time-calibration and Global Positioning System (GPS) signals for instant and accurate timekeeping even across changing time zones.
Dual Coil Motor
When adjusting to different time zones, a Dual Coil Motor powers the inset dial’s watch hands at the six o’clock position to swiftly rotate both clockwise or counter-clockwise to almost instantly reflect the accurate time when the world time function is activated. Using the Dual Coil Motor, wearers can also instantly switch between world and home time displays on the main and inset dials, making the MTG-G1000D especially suitable for frequent travellers.
Advanced Core Guard Structure and Polished Finishing
Within the robust 198g stainless steel frame is Casio’s new and improved Core Guard Structure that boosts the watch’s shock-resistance using a newly developed spring-like fine resin. Wearers need not worry about hard knocks or impact even while on the go as the resin acts as a cushion to protect the module and watch face.  

The MTG-G1000D is also fortified with Casio’s proprietary Triple G Resist – designed to withstand shocks from drops, gravitational forces and vibration – for unparalleled toughness and durability. Encased in stainless steel, it is a sophisticated fusion of strength and beauty complete with stunning Sallaz-polished finishing and sapphire crystal on the watch face.  

Pricing and Availability
The MTG-G1000D collection is designed for active and discerning gentlemen who enjoy the prestige of a luxury accessory but also seek outstanding performance and absolute toughness promised by a G-SHOCK. It is engineered and carefully crafted in Japan with the finest materials and opulent styling to deliver a luxurious timepiece while staying true to the durability of an original G-SHOCK.

The MTG-G1000D comes in two colour variations, stainless steel with either Blue (MTG-G1000D-1A2) or Black (MTG-G1000D-1A) coded City Code Rings. Both models retail at a Suggested Retail Price of THB 49,000 available today at G-Factory, Central department stores, Siam Paragon, and The Mall department stores.

Triple G Resist (shock-resistant, resistant to centrifugal gravitational force, and vibration-resistant)
Water Resistance
200 meters
GPS Signal Frequency
Radio Frequency
77.5 kHz (DCF77: Germany); 60 kHz (MSF: UK); 60 kHz (WWVB: USA); 40 kHz (JJY: Fukushima, Japan) / 60 kHz (JJY: Kyushu, Japan); 68.5 kHz (BPC: China)
GPS Signal Reception
Time-calibration (auto,* manual); acquisition of position information (manual)
* GPS signals are received automatically when the watch recognized they are available in the area.
Radio Wave Reception
Automatic reception up to six times a day (except for use in China: up to five times a day)
World Time
Standard time for 27 cities (40 time zones; daylight saving on/off; daylight saving time (summer time) auto switching); Coordinated Universal Time; home time/world time switching; direct access to Coordinated Universal Time
Measuring unit: 1 second, measuring capacity: 24 hours
Countdown Timer
Measuring unit: 1 second; countdown range: 1 minute to 24 hours
1 independent daily alarm
Other functions
Automatic hand correction (hour hand and second hand), battery recharge warning, day and date display, full auto-calendar, LED light (super illuminator)
Power Source
Tough Solar power system (solar-charging system)
Continuous Operation
About 19 months with the power-saving function* ON after full charge
*Power-saving after a certain period in a dark location
Size of Case
Approx. 58.8×54.7×16.9mm
Total Weight
Approx. 198g

Casio Marketing Thailand Launches New XJ-V2 Lamp-Free Projector with 3,000 Lumen Brightness
New XJ-V2 Reinforces Casio’s Position as the World’s Number 1 Laser LED Projector Brand Balancing Affordability and Environmental and Energy Conservation  
Bangkok, 12 November, 2015: Casio Marketing Thailand (CMT)—a subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Japan—announced today a new addition to its “Core” lineup of next-generation lamp-free projectors with the release of the XJ-V2, an affordably priced*1 projector that delivers 3000 lumens of brightness.

Until now, lamp-free projectors equipped with Solid state illumination (SSI) light sources using a laser & LED have only been available in the high end of the projector market due to their advanced technology. Casio has been developing a lineup of new, cost-efficient projectors named “Core,” under the slogan of “Lamp Free for a Brighter Future”, focusing on delivering powerful yet affordable projectors that also help users conserve energy and the environment. The first Core model, the XJ-V1 with 2700 lumen brightness, has received overwhelming reception for its performance since it was released in the third-quarter of 2015, and it is now used in a wide range of settings spanning from education to businesses.

For the new XJ-V2 model, Casio was committed to deliver a product that was cost-effective as well as reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), while increasing brightness to 3000 lumens. This level of brightness enables images to be clearly projected in bright places, such as a classroom with sunlight shining through its windows.

Casio developed lamp-free projector as a pioneer in the industry in 2010, and has since gained an 87.4% share of the world market for hybrid light sources projectors.*1 Casio developed the XJ-V2 by building on this strong track record as a leading provider of hybrid light source projectors.
*1 Laser & LED hybrid light source projector volumes from January to December 2014, according to Futuresource Consulting Ltd.

Superior economic performance delivered by the Casio Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source
The XJ-V2 can be introduced at a price that is lower than the cost of a conventional mercury lamp projector of an equivalent brightness plus one replacement lamp.*2 Furthermore, the Casio SSI light source using a laser & LED in the XJ-V2 has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, eliminates the need for lamp replacement, and offers electricity consumption that is approximately half that of a mercury lamp projector.*3 Given these benefits, TCO for the XJ-V2 is better than that of a mercury lamp projector.*4
*2 based on an estimate by Casio, the price is lower than the combined price of a conventional 3000 lumen mercury lamp projector (With a lamp included) and one replacement lamp.
*3 based on an estimate by Casio, electricity consumption is approximately half of a conventional 3000 lumen mercury lamp projector.
*4 Based on an estimate by Casio, TCO over a five-year period is lower than that of a conventional 3000 lumen mercury lamp projector.

Easy upgrade from a conventional projector
As with the XJ-V1 model, Casio designed the XJ-V2 so that users can easily replace their mercury lamp projector. The XJ-V2 can be mounted using existing universal standard ceiling mounting hardware, which minimizes investment and labor need for installation, and allows the projector to be used from the very day it arrives.

Dependable dust-resistant design
Casio improved the dust resistance of the XJ-V2 by structuring the internal components into three blocks to shield the optical block from dust. This helps ensure that dust does not lower projection brightness, enabling the XJ-V2 to operate dependably for a long time, just like the XJ-V1 model.

Ease of use that only a lamp-free projector can provide
As a time and energy-saving alternative to mercury-based projectors, the XJ-V2 reaches maximum brightness in as fast as five seconds from the time the power is switched on, eliminating the waiting time that comes with mercury lamps. Furthermore, it immediately powers off with just a touch of the button, and can be used again right away when powered back on without the need for a cool-down period.

Along with the XJ-V1 model, the XJ-V2 is manufactured in Japan by Yamagata Casio Co., Ltd., a Casio Group manufacturing subsidiary. By applying the advanced production technologies it has developed over the years, Yamagata Casio consistently achieves an exceptionally high level of product quality.

With this expansion of the Core lineup, Casio is committed to accelerate the shift toward lamp-free projectors in the marketplace. By promoting the replacement of mercury lamp projectors, Casio is helping to reduce the environmental impact of projectors by discontinuing the use of mercury and cutting down on power consumption, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Pricing and Availability
The new Casio XJ-V2 Lamp-Free Projector will be available in Thailand around Mid-December. Stocks would be made available at all major AV Dealers.
 XJ-V2 Main Specifications
Light Source

Laser & LED hybrid light source
Estimated Life of Light Source
Up to 20,000 hours (warranty 6,000hours)
3000 lumens
Contrast Ratio
Keystone Correction
±30 (manual)
Projection Lens
1.1X manual zoom, manual focus, F2.4 to 2.54 / f17.16 to 18.98
Projection Screen Size
30 to 300-inch
Projection Ratio
1.54 to 1.71:1
Lens Offset
60-inch Screen
1.79m to 1.99m
100-inch Screen
3.07m to 3.41m
Minimum Distance
Projection System
DLP® chip × 1, DLP® system
Display Element
Chip Size
XGA 0.55-inch DLP® chip
Number of Pixels
786,432 pixels (1,024 × 768)
Color Reproduction
Full color (up to 1.07 billion colors)
Scanning Frequencies
15 to 91 kHz
50 to 85 Hz
Display Resolution
XGA (1,024 × 768)
UXGA (1,600 × 1,200) resizing
Computer Input Terminal
RGB 15-pin mini D-Sub × 1
Display Resolution
Up to HDTV (1080P) resizing
YCbCr/YPbPr Input Terminal
Shared with RGB input terminal
Display Resolution
Up to HDTV (1080P) resizing
HDMI Input Terminal
HDMI Type A × 1 (HDCP support, audio signal support)
Audio Input Terminal
3.5 mm stereo mini jack × 1
Audio Output Terminal
3.5 mm stereo mini jack × 1 (variable audio output)
Control Terminal
RS-232C (D-Sub 9 pin) × 1
Service Terminal
Micro-USB Type B× 1 (for firmware updates by the user)
Direct Power-ON / Direct Power-OFF
Digital Zoom
Yes (2X)
Security Compatibility
Kensington-compatible, power-on password
Power Source
AC 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz
Eco Mode
Manual 1 to 5
Eco Mode
Manual 1
Manual 5
Eco Off Mode
Standby Power*5
100 to 120V
200 to 220V
Dimensions (including Projections)
269.5 (W) × 269.5 (D) × 88.5 (H) mm
Main Accessories
Wireless remote control, test batteries(AAA-size*6),
AC power cord, warranty card
*5 when “Disable” is specified for “Remote On.”
*6 for wireless remote control.

DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments of the United States.
High-Definition Multimedia Interface is a trademark or registered trademark of HDMI Licensing, LLC.
Other company and product names are generally registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.

About Casio

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics products and business equipment solutions. Since its establishment in 1957, Casio has strived to realize its corporate creed of “creativity and contribution” through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products. Today, Casio’s offerings include timepieces, digital cameras, electronic dictionaries, calculators, musical instruments, system equipment, and others. The Casio Group employs about 11,000 people worldwide, shipping over 100 million products per year, with net sales of 338 billion yen (approx. US$3,720 million) in the fiscal year ended March 2014. News and product information from Casio is available at http://world.casio.com/