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Wynth Udompholkul, Managing Director of Moonlight Consulting, network management and creative agency whom connects variety of businesses and expertise together to serve specific needs under its motto 'connecting you with the best', in collaboration with Rosalind Lim, founder of Made In Paradise Luxury, Singapore’s leading retailer of fine jewellery with more than 30 years of experience, recently hosted the exclusive cocktail party under the concept of “MADE IN PARADISE”, fully served the luxurious lifestyle from leading international jewellery brands; VERDI GOIELLI, PIERO MILANO GIOIELLI, and INCECCHI  
– with their first unveiling in Thailand, together with luxury partners like CORTINA WATCH, MOTIF, ITALASIA and MONLADA. For this occasion, the top managements flew in specially to join this exclusive party, along with many A-List celebrities such as Krist Chatikaratana, Monlada Pongpanit, Akarat Vanarat, Onchuma  Durongdej, Jay - Jareyadee Spencer, Sikanya Saktidej Bhanubandh, Korn Narongdej, Anisha Attaskulchai, Jakkrit Benedetti, Nonthiwat Prabhananda, Ploenchan Ruenprapan, Atchara Burarak  at Motif, Erawan Bangkok on Wednesday 28th October 2015.
Upon the arrival, management team were waiting to warmly welcome all guests of honor and members of press. The guests were impressed by the showcase of world-renowned exquisite jewellery brands with high craftsmanship and artisanal skills , Opera opening performance by famous Sophie Tanapura, experiencing the highlight of special fashion presentation by  Monlada along with unique handcrafted jewellery collections;
VERDI - Excellence is the distinguishing mark of all of Verdi Gioielli’s high jewellery collections and particularly its classic and modern flexible bracelets. It has represented exclusive and highly developed Italian style since 1971. The choice of different colours and materials give life to new shapes which unfold in unusual and original combinations that are synonymous with unique personality. All of the new collections are an emotional blend of the past, present and future, creating a breathtaking high jewellery experience that outlines the stylistic trends of today and tomorrow. Verdi became recognizable around the world especially at the European best jewellery exhibitions, such as Vicenza Oro and Baselworld.

PIERO MILANO - Highly prestigious position in the field of luxury jewellery for over 50 years. Its success is perpetuated year after year by means of its intrinsic skill in developing original ranges and new collections that appeal to all possible tastes. Their most popular collection is “Casbah”

INCECCHI – Incecchi Jewels has a presence at many luxury and jewellery fairs, national and international and is widely recognized for its creativity, highly quality products and careful selection of jewels. Collections of exclusive and personalized jewellery are designed and crafted by master goldsmiths, real artists who combine fantasy with brilliant forms
The night was fulfilled by many other luxury brands to please various lifestyles such as selection of exquisite timepieces from CORTINA WATCH , premium furniture under the concept of “Casual Elegance” by MOTIF, Thai fashion brand MONLADA, along with the experience of Italian sensation with exclusive selection of wines by ITALASIA. The night ended with fabulous beats from DJ KK - ML.Korkrita Kritakara who rocked the luxury night and completed the definition of ultimate lifestyle – MADE IN PARADISE.