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“MThai” collaborated with “Mashable” adding the new dimension of digital news

with copyright to distribute contents from the U.S. to Thailand
24  September 2015  - Bangkok, Mono Group’s portal website, www. Mthai.com, is prepared to add a new dimension of the world of digital news after becoming an alliance with Mashable.com, the world’s leading website of IT and social media from New York, U.S.A. It hopes to promote the contents from the U.S. and all corners of the world in Asia and strengthen Mthai.com to become Thailand’s number one portal website.  

Mr. Jiraprawat Boonyasen, Vice President  Mobile-Internet  Business , Mono Technology Public Company Limited, revealed that Mthai.com website has collaborated with Mashable.com, the world’s leading website of IT and social media. Well-received worldwide, Mashable.com has an important role in distributing information concerning digital innovations. Mashable.com has authorized the sole right to Mthai.com to distribute its online contents in Thailand.   This collaboration will promote the contents more widely in Asia, and MThai will localize them, so Thai people will benefit from receiving news and media from around the world.

MThai has focused on the contents which are produced personally and from business partners. This is considered a big collaboration with Mashable.com.  Since MThai is already an expert in Thai consumer behaviors, it can use this expertise to localize Mashable’s outstanding and unique contents to suit the needs and behaviors of Thai consumers well. Mashable aims to adjust its strategies to focus more on the Asian region, and Mthai will emphasize on creating and developing premium contents in order to strengthen its website to become Thailand’s number one. Both websites share the same goal of building more public awareness.

Mashable.com, the world’s leading website of IT news and social media, was created in 2005. Its Headquarter is in New York. Having inspired the public, the website has an important role in distributing information regarding digital innovations.  Currently Mashable.com has over 30 million visitors visiting the website, over 16 million followers on social media and over 7 million shares monthly. Mashable.com is also considered the leading creator of IT and online news published through social network, covering economy and entertainment including articles related to lifestyles and technologies used in daily life which are suitable for people from all walks of life.

Regarding the revenue of MThai in 2015, it is expected to increase by 15% from new business plans and collaboration with Mashable.com. It is believed that this will add excitement to the business and will stimulate online advertisements next year.   Mthai.com earns 75% of its revenue from advertisements and website development and 25% from other activities.  
Currently, Mthai.com has over 800,000 visitors daily. Our planned marketing strategies at the beginning of the year and the announcement of our strength over other websites regarding content presentation will propel us to become the number one website in no time,” said Mr. Jiraprawat.