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Happy Cash Card and MOL join forces to launch “Top Up and Win” campaign

giving online gamers chances to win items and prizes worth over 1 million Baht
     September 2, 2015 – dtac Happy partners with mobile gaming leader MOL to launch “Top Up and Win” exclusive campaign giving gamers who top up online games with Happy Cash Card chances to win items and prizes worth over 1 million Baht. Both companies will jointly exhibit at Thailand Mobile Expo 2015 on October 1-4 and aim to help grow the mobile gaming market by 30% within the next 3 years.
   Mr. Panthep Nilasinthop, Senior Vice President - Head of Financial Services & Innovation Division, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac said, “One of dtac’s missions is to develop and provide financial services that meet customers’ needs in all segments. Today, majority of customers no longer use financial services just to pay their bills or regular purchases, but also to pay for digital contents, such as music, applications, chat stickers, and games. The digital content business has consistently grown, which reflects the surging trend of mobile content services, especially the fast-growing mobile games market. Realizing the market requires fast and reliable online payment channels, dtac has partnered with MOL, the leading online payment enabler with over 90% share in the mobile gaming market, to provide a easy and convenient top-up channel through Happy Cash Card. dtac aims to gain 10% market share in the online game top-up market and help the mobile gaming industry grow by 30% within the next 3 years.
     Mr. Adisorn Phonnarut, Country Manager, MOL AccessPortal Co., Ltd. said that MOL has been in the online gaming market for years, and we set our business direction based on trends. Today, we can use the internet on mobile phones, easily from anywhere, anytime. While mobile devices are almost as powerful as PC’s now, their prices get lower and lower, which helps make mobile games quickly become a new entertainment lifestyle. The growth of mobile phones is also an indicator of the mobile gaming market. In 2014, the mobile game market was valued at 2.2 billion Baht and is expected to reach 3 billion Baht in 2015. The key factor to the market growth is easy-to-access games, including uninterrupted top-up methods. With our partnership with dtac, Happy Cash Card offers a new, easy and convenient top-up channel to gamers. We estimate Happy Cash Card to gain approximately 5-10% of the market share, or equivalent to 62 million Baht.”
     Mr. Supavas Prohmvitak Vice President - Acting Head of Prepaid Division of dtac said, “Happy Cash Card is not only used for mobile top-ups, but also for almost all types of e-payments, including payments for digital content. Our revenue from cash card sales is over 1,000 million Baht per month. Customers’ demand for mobile entertainment is rapidly growing, especially online games that have an exponential growth. Majority of online gamers are at the age and have lifestyle that fits the profile our Happy Cash Card customers, so we are providing them with a fast, easy and convenient top-up channel. We together with MOL are launching “Top Up and Win” exclusive campaign that gives online gamers, who top up with Happy Cash Card, 3 special bonuses. 
1st Bonus: Every top –up via Happy Cash Card gets free items or bonus right away
2nd Bonus: Every top-up valued 100 Baht or more gets 1 chance to win special items, special bonuses, or Happy Cash Cards (valued 60, 100, and 200 Baht)
3rd Bonus: Every top-up gets chances to win special prizes, including Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones, Samsung home theater, and Minibike Stallions-Dax 125.
Happy Cash Card valued 60 Baht       Gets 1 chance
Happy Cash Card valued 100 Baht     Gets 2x chances
Happy Cash Card valued 200 Baht     Gets 5x chances
Happy Cash Card valued 300 Baht     Gets 7x chances
Happy Cash Card valued 500 Baht     Gets 12x chances

    dtac and MOL will also jointly exhibit at Thailand Mobile Expo 2015 on October 1-4, 2015.”