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Top Charoen Optical and the Thai Red Cross Children's Home with “Spectacles for Children”

Answer H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s royal intention with
“Spectacles for Children”, a project for visual difficulties children in rural Thailand
To act in accordance with the royal intention of H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the incumbent Chair of The Thai Red Cross Children’s Home and in honor to her royal 60th Birthday Anniversary, “Top Charoen Optical” and “The Thai Red Cross Children’s Home” officially launch an optometry project entitled “Spectacles for Children”. For improved quality of life and educational proficiency, the project aims to administer children with eyesight problems in remote areas nationwide and give proper treatments if necessary. Under the project’s 5-year plan from 2014 to 2018, optometrists with advanced tools are going to offer free eyesight test, new spectacles, and other related medical treatments to at least 20,000 children. A recent project launch event at Siam Paragon was joined by many well-known superstars and celebrities including Pakin “Tono” Khumwilaisuk, Fonthip “Pooklook” Wacharatrakul, Jessica “Jessy” Pasaphan, and Kultera “Unda” Yodchang. To provide further support to children with eyesight problems who live upcountry, celebrities and general public also joined together to make DIY eyeglasses’ bags.
On this joyous occasion, Mr. Noppasak Treeponchaisak, Managing Director of Top Charoen Optical, informed “Top Charoen Optical provide optometry services to public for half a century and we truly wish to launch social contribution campaigns that ensure visual acuity among people who live in every corner of the nation. Our previous reputable campaigns are ‘The Princess Sirindhorn’s Spectacles for the Elderly Project’ and ‘The Spectacles for People in Deep South Thailand Project’, just to name a few. At present, we are fully aware of eyesight problems in children in particular since the number of children with eyesight problems is likely to surge as they constantly expose themselves to computer screens, smartphones, tablets, or other advanced devices for a long period of time.”

“We understand that these eyesight burdens can dramatically affect youngsters’ future development. With a determined heart which is exactly matched with the kind royal intention of the Chair of The Thai Red Cross Children Home’s Board of Directors - H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and in honor to her royal 60th Birthday Anniversary, Top Charoen Optical and The Thai Red Cross Children Home would like to unveil ‘The Spectacles for Children Project’ which is a benevolent campaign which inscribed its core purpose as a project that delivers field optometry administrations to children who live in faraway areas nationwide. Under this campaign, we hope that our helping hands can reach children in need in every province of Thailand,” continued Mr. Noppasak.
On implementation, the Spectacles for Children Project are going to have a mobile unit in which at least 500 children aged 8 to 18 years old can have their eyes tested with up to date medical science and advanced tools. This mobile unit will go to every province in Thailand on a monthly basis. The set target of this campaign, which runs from 2014 to 2018, is about 20,000 children or more. Those with eye-related symptoms will get eyeglasses made by experts to correct their eyesight while children with severe visual problems will be taken to ‘Top Charoen Eye Center’ for further treatments without any charge.

Assoc. Prof. Nuanchan Prabpan, M.D., a Board Member and Acting Secretary-General of The Thai Red Cross Children Home expressed “For proper developments and improvements in well-being of orphans, The Thai Red Cross Children’s Home is the party that provide shelters, physical and mental health services, education and occupational training programs, and religious and moral education. The number of young children or adolescents with eyesight problems keeps rising in recent years and their everyday lives are affected by these symptoms. Eyesight symptoms, in fact, are considered as limitations for some occupations and deficiencies in eyesight significantly disturb children at schools too.”

With a visionary mind of H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, a new partnership between Top Charoen Optical and The Thai Red Cross Children’s Home was established. For future of children and improvements in quality of life, the campaign aims to provide children living in remote areas nationwide with eyesight tests and fine spectacles made to correct their eyesight if any visual problem was diagnosed.
The recently-held campaign launch event featured many kind activates, a photo corner which depicts previous on-site trip to help children in need, a complimentary eyesight treatment service for invited children. To encourage children in remote areas, celebrities, superstars, and visitors joined the event together to make DIY eyeglasses’ bags, a perfect representation of a caring heart. Further details and updates on the “Spectacles for Children” project can be accessed at www.topcharoen.co.th or at 02-612-4710.