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Stamford International University, in collaboration with Impact

, introduces the
“Event Management” program to develop international workforce standards for the MICE industry
    1 September 2015 Stamford International University, a member of Laureate International Universities, has collaborated with Impact Exhibition Management Company, Muang Thong Thani Center, one of the top 5 exhibition centers in Asia, to co-develop the “Event Management” program. The MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) industry in Thailand has an increasing need of trained staff and the program is designed to satisfy that need and grow the MICE labor workforce to meet international standards. It has the potential to generate a national income of more than 1 trillion baht per year. The program will also raise the quality of MICE staff in Thailand to an internationally competitive level.
     Mr. Gilles Mahe, CEO of Laureate International Universities Thailand, explained: “We have a clear direction in developing the potential of our graduates. According to a survey conducted by lecturers at Stamford International University on the possibility of getting a job in the AEC, the three most crucial factors for recruitment includes on-the-job skills or direct work experience of graduates, English language proficiency, which is an important factor, and technological know-how and its application on the job.
     Therefore, these three factors will be the main basis in the course/program development between the University and Impact and signifies the university’s intention to address the issues of the labor market. The “Event Management” program is the first and only program offered in Thailand where the course is designed by experts in the MICE industry such as Impact. The program, therefore, focuses on fulfilling the potential of new graduates and raises the level of experience in the MICE industry thanks to internship projects with Impact. Graduates will receive quality education and an intensive on-the-job learning experience along with English proficiency. Additionally, graduates learn in a multicultural environment while studying at Stamford International University. This provides a perfect platform for the ASEAN Economic Community as many corporations are looking for graduates with not just English language skills but also personnel with an international mindset and ability to work in a cross-cultural environment.
     Impact is a national leader in organizing various international events and exhibitions and there is always a need to work with people from different countries. What Impact emphasizes when recruiting is not only those with good skills and experience but also English communication skills to work in an international environment. Past collaborations between Stamford and industry leaders have shown that companies recruit our students even before graduation because of excellent language skills and the creative mindset that helps the development of the organization.”
    Mr. Loy Jun How, General Manager at Impact Exhibition Management Company, Muang Thong Thani said: “There are a lot of growth opportunities in the MICE industry and Thailand has the most potential for hosting big events in South East Asia.” This resonates with TCEB’s vision in making Thailand the number 1 in ASEAN for managing exhibitions. The member countries will coordinate in the development of the MICE industry to be competitive enough to attract more MICE clients from Europe and the US, which will increase labor market demand. Thailand therefore, needs to speed up the development of work-related skills and language proficiency to compete with other countries.
     “In the past, Thailand wasn’t ready for this opportunity because of lack of work personnel who have the knowledge, skills and language proficiency needed in the MICE industry. Therefore, we saw an opportunity in developing the human resources capability to cater for the needs of the market by implementing the “Local Partnership Strategy” in seeking business partners to expand the market for the MICE industry. We have done an extensive selection process among private and public universities and found that Stamford International University is a university that addresses the needs of human resources development to be competitive in the international market.
     The core values of the University are clearly defined. Stamford will produce graduates of the highest quality, who are job-ready and have good English language skills thanks to the international learning environment comprising foreign students and faculty members. This partnership with Stamford International University will help increase the potential of Impact in producing good quality MICE personnel to support the growth of the business as well as effectively reduce the time needed for job training. So the fact that Stamford International University offers international programs creates a competitive business advantage as the students become important recruits for Impact’s international market plans”.

    Ms. Nichapha Yodsavi, Director of Industrial Development of MICE, Office of Conference and Exhibition Center (Public) said “TCEB, a government organization set up to promote and develop MICE business in Thailand, aims for Thailand to be a regional player in the market. It has previously released material trying to encourage a higher quality English-speaking workforce for MICE. Until now, no institute was offering an event management program in English, with the aim of developing Thai personnel so that they can be competitive in the international market. It is the first time in Thailand that a private company like Impact, a leader in the MICE industry, will be taking part in program design and helping to co-develop it. By collaborating with Stamford International University, which has outstanding academic quality taught in English, we believe that in the near future, Thailand will produce quality graduates for MICE with exceptional English language skills, supporting the growth of the MICE market.
     TCEB promotes the MICE industry by having international exhibitors showcase their events in Thailand. It is estimated that by the end of 2015, Thailand will receive more than 1.03 million MICE visitors with estimated revenue of 1.06 trillion Baht to the Thai economy. The market trends seem to be on the rise with Thailand becoming part of the AEC and the lack of skilled English speaking MICE personnel is now being addressed.”