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LINE Releases Real-Time Location Sharing Service "LINE HERE"

Meet up with Friends in Crowded and Hard-to-Find Places Without Saying a Word
Check on Kids and Grandparents to Ensure Your Family’s Safety
     Bangkok, Thailand – August 21, 2015 – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, today announced the official launch of “LINE HERE,” a robust, real-time location sharing service for Android and iPhone devices.

LINE HERE Official Website: http://here.line.me/ G:\LINE\マーケティングコミュニケーション室\PRチーム\香取個人フォルダ\Here\リリース時確認\EN\LINE_HERE_EN.png
    LINE HERE is a real-time location sharing service that lets users share locations with other friends and family members that have installed the app. Users start by creating groups (location sharing rooms) inside the app, then send a URL to the people they want to share their location with via LINE, Facebook, or text message. As soon as the recipient accepts the invitation, they will be able to view the locations of all the members of that group displayed as icons on a detailed map. The icons change position in real time as the user they are linked with moves, allowing members to check on each other’s current locations quickly and easily.*1
*1: Users must verify their LINE HERE account using their LINE or Facebook account in order to use the service.
     The app gives people an easy way to share their location with other LINE HERE users.*2 When meeting up with friends, this powerful tool lets group members know exactly where everyone is without having to bother with additional communication. LINE HERE holds great promise for the leisure crowd, as many people will find the idea of being able to meet up at outdoor barbecues, parties, and other events without getting lost extremely attractive.
*2: Users can access multiple location sharing rooms at the same time by creating and sending URLs. Each room can have up to 200 members.

     In addition to current locations, the app also lets users set and search for places they frequently visit such as their home, school, or office. They can even choose to receive push notifications whenever other location-sharing members get close to or leave a registered location. This feature informs parents exactly when their kids arrive at after-school programs. From a family security perspective, a simple message notifying family members that a grandparent has left the house can go a long way towards keeping the people you care about the most as safe as possible.
LINE HERE lets users set time limits on the availability of each location sharing room in order to protect their privacy. Timers can be set for up to 24 hours,*3 depending on how the creator wants group members to use the information available to them. Users of the app have no need to worry about accidentally sharing their location to unintended recipients, as they can simply choose to temporarily turn off their personal location information whenever they want.
The default setting for timers is 2 hours. Users can create timers in hourly increments that count down anywhere from 0 to 24 hours, or create groups that have no time limit at all. The time remaining in each room can be changed at any time. The location sharing room will disappear when the timer runs out.

LINE will keep working to provide smartphone users with the most convenient services possible as the company continues to grow into a platform that supports every facet of daily life.
Supported devices: Android, iPhone
Supported languages: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Indonesian
Supported regions: Global except Korea and China.
Service began: June 19, 2015
Cost: Free
Developer and operator: LINE Corporation
Copyright: © LINE Corporation
Official Website:     http://here.line.me/  

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