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O Shopping. Business strategy presentation

     6th August 2015, GMM CJ O Shopping Co., Ltd. officially reveals its business strategy of 2015. O Shopping has just become no. 1 of TV home shopping in Thailand and emphasizing on E-Commerce to maintain leadership. The event was hosted by Mr. Sung Nak-Je (CEO) (The third from left), Ms. Sasitorn Suwanchai (CFO) (The fourth from left), Mr. Peera Lucksanapirak (Platform Strategy Director) (The second from left), Ms. Chanida Panyokaew (The first from left) and Ms. Sansanee Pinpipat (The fifth from left) (Brand marketing communications)
O Shopping growing against economic downturn
    Since O Shopping has become leader of TV home shopping industry which assumed to reach 8,000 MB in total market size this year, and also showed outstanding pace of growth, it becomes one of the high potential subsidiaries of GMM Grammy PCL.  Mr. Sung Nak-Je stated that revenue target of this year is 1,700 MB and the figure of 1st half achieved as plan so O Shopping will find no difficulty to deliver the target at the end of this year. O Shopping plans to source more quality products from famous brands and increase products of potential categories such as Fashion, IT and seasonal products to its portfolio.
    Last year O Shopping gained trust of customer by using two worry free services; ‘Free Nationwide delivery’ and ‘Pay upon receipt’. These 2 services satisfied its customers, while 2015 one more new message has been promoted; ‘Simple way to exchange and refund’ this message would create higher standard of TV home shopping service for Thai consumer. It is expecting to increase satisfaction and reduce anxiety concerning exchange or refund the product.
Emphasizing on E-Commerce to maintain leadership
Apart from developing skill of employee and creating entraining shopping program to support rapid growth of the business, O Shopping also starts focusing on E-Commerce business through Oshoppingtv.com and launched mobile application both on Android and iOS platform. The company has been started E-Commerce since mid of last year and it grows substantially in the past 12 months.  With fast growth rate, E-Commerce monthly revenue reached 8% of total revenue last year. Therefore O Shopping increased speed of developing and expanding service of its E-Commerce to serve the demand of customers. Now the company is preparing up to 1,000 products in every categories as if the customer could experience in a department store, along with high security payment system. Mr. Sung expects the monthly revenue from E-Commerce to reach 20% of total sales at the end of this year, and in the next 5 years E-Commerce should contribute up to 50% of company revenue.
Investing on customer base expansion
O Shopping utilized aggressive Integrated Marketing Communication to expand viewer base, boosted brand awareness by creating ‘Show host’ career definition through ‘The Showhost beyond the Presenter’ audition program aired on GMM 25 Digital TV during 2nd quarter of 2015. The program was successful both on air and off air; it helped promoting the brand throughout broadcasting period. O Shopping also promoted the brand on advertisement both in-home and out-of-home media to acquire more customers in Bangkok and nationwide. One of highlight was improving picture quality to High Definition which serves the need of customer for real-life detail of product. In the present, O Shopping broadcasts through GMMZ (Ch. 0), PSI (Ch. 48), satellite TV and Cable TV nationwide and never stops expanding to new platform that fits lifestyle of consumers.
     Thai consumer can experience O Shopping channel any part of Thailand and in the near future new concept of contents will be introduced. O Shopping will always be ‘your trusted neighbor’ who offers worry-free shopping service as your 24 hours shopping assistant. The service standard offered by O Shopping is outstanding and this ensures the leading position in TV Home shopping market.