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T. Siam Commercial join forces with Toyo Tire, Japan’s giant tires maker

,aggressively expanding into Thailand’s tires market, fully going ahead increasing market share
Stepping forward creating new phenomena towards Thailand’s automotive tires continuously, “T. Siam Commercial Co., Ltd.”, Thailand’s leading importer and distributor of imported automotive tires, advances again with its major latest move joining forces again with “Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.” in Japan , holding press conference officially launching importer and distributor of Toyo Tires brand in Thailand with Mr. Apichai Tangwongsiri, Managing Director, T. Siam Commercial Co., Ltd. and Mr.Takashi Shimizu, Senior Corporate Officer. General Manager, Tire Planning Division, Tire Business Group Headquarters, Toyo Tire & Rubber Co.,Ltd. chairing the press conference held at Grand Ballroom, Inter-Continental Hotel, on July 22, 2015.
Based on success of “T. Siam Commercial Co., Ltd.” as importer and distributor of automotive tires throughout the past 46 years, as well as the Company’s continuously expanding distributors and being well accepted from both dealers and customers nationwide in term of efficiency of tires being imported and carrying out after sales service by T. Siam Commercial Co., Ltd., as a results Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. foresees potential of T. Siam Commercial Co., Ltd. Consequently, T. Siam Commercial Co., Ltd. is appointed as sole and exclusive importer and distributor of Toyo Tires in Thailand. Moreover, a new campaign of “Easy driving, worrying free, with 60 days free of exchanging new tires after buying the tires if the bought tires are cut, blown, broken, sung” when customers buy all series of Toyo Tire and Nitto Tire between August 1-December 31, 2015 at distributing dealers who join the program countrywide.
Prominent point of Toyo Tires, 100% imported tire, is high performance tire, being able to respond to demand of all group of target customers, with variety of the products available, ranging from tires for sports vehicle, sedans, SUV and 4-wheel drive vehicles, pick up or small trucks, as well as medium or small passenger vehicles, with advanced engineering technology from Japan so as to get tires most suitable to Thailand’s climate condition and roads’ surfaces in terms of performance,road holding and driving comfort as well as efficiency of noise reduction while driving on roads, resulting in Toyo Tires’ excellent efficiency prepared to extend the highest road safety.     
“It is another important step of the Company as it is trusted by Toyo Tire and Rubber Co., Ltd. to be importer and distributor of ”Toyo Tire”, Japan’s leading tire brand. And the tires are well known automotive tires all over the world, both from motor sport and being sponsor of so many world class sports. Afterwards, the Company is prepared to leap forward with full advancing of automotive tires market via implementing strategy and marketing plans distributing Toyo Tires  through publicizing through various and full integrated media, such as televisions, radios, billboards, printed media and digital marketing media, including facebook, instagram and twitters, as well as being sponsor of Thailand’s leading motor sport events, together with marketing activities and other sales promotion activities, both through co-organized with distributing dealers and arranging roadshows in provinces, so as to create consumers’ awareness of the products countrywide. This year, the Company sets target to expand dealers to 500 dealers throughout the country so as to accommodate demand of automotive tires market in Thailand and offering services covering more areas in the country.

     “With potential of the Company as the country’s leading importer and distributor of automotive tires which has been well received all along from distributing dealers countrywide and customers who trust us in terms of efficiency and performance of automotive tires imported by T. Siam Co., Ltd. So, I am very confident that Toyo Tires will be another imported automotive tire brand which will be well received by dealers and customers as well. And the tire will be another automotive tire brand which is in consumers’ mind every time when they think about quality tires. ”Toyo Tires” are ready to let consumers to perceive as another innovation of technology which is privilege from Japan, driven with world class performance together with guaranteeing quality from manufacturing throughout the products’ useful life which is the only brand in Thailand which can offer the guarantee. It is coupled with another new campaign “Easy driving, worry free, if the tires are cut, blown, broken,stung within 60 days after being bought, they can be changed for free”. The campaign is between August 1-December 31. 2015 at T. Siam Commercial Co., Ltd. over 400 tires dealers presently countrywide,” Mr. Apichai concludes.
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