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IPST Promotes Online Learning; Launches ‘Beyond textbook, e-book so cool’ Campaign

E-book program free of charge and available 24/7 for all
     Bangkok, July 2, 2015 – The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology
(IPST) today launched a new initiative – ‘Beyond textbook, e-book so cool’ to promote usage of electronic books on the IPST Learning Space (http://learningspace.ipst.ac.th). The IPST Learning Space is the national online science, mathematics and technology education platform.
     All of the e-books and multimedia content on the IPST Learning Space are verified by academics and in line with the national education standards. The e-books contain text, graphics, video clips, animation and virtual science experiments, and are designed to help readers better understand the subjects. 
     IPST President, Dr. Pornpun Waitayangkoon, said young people are growing up in a  converging media environment. She noted that technology is an important part of the educational process for this generation.

     “Young people today are a tech-savvy and e-books are a great way to engage them,” Dr.Pornpun said. “We also know that all students learn in different ways and at different paces. E-books are adaptable to the needs of the student, and as a result user friendly e-books will enhance learning about science, mathematics and technology in an interactive and entertaining way.”

     The IPST Learning Space, which houses the e-books, is comprised of six modules including a teacher training module, an online testing system, a school module, a collaborative learning system, e-publishing and digital media systems where more than 134 multimedia e-books are stored.

     “E-books open up opportunities for all students and gives everyone equal access to high quality educational content in Science, Mathematics and Technology anywhere, anytime,” Dr.Pornpun said. “Students benefit from the always-on interactivity of e-books. School teachers can use e-books to improve the classroom learning environment. Parents can access e-books to help children with homework. This is all free of charge, 24/7.” Moreover IPST is also provide the offline printing materials.

     “This e-book campaign encourages student and general public to optimize usage of the IPST  Learning Space and when students experience the e-book they’ll find science and technology  interesting and fun. This will perpetuate students’ positive attitude toward science and technology and eventually they can apply their knowledge to create innovative ideas that will benefit other people and the Kingdom of Thailand,” Dr.Pornpun said.

     IPST is also producing 28 e-books and other educational materials to mark the HRH Princess  MahaChakriSirindhorn’s 5th cycle birthday, according to Chinese zodiac. The e-books and materials will be added into IPST Learning Space
     IPST e-books are classified by subject and school level, and are available at  http://learningspace.ipst.ac.th. For more information about e-books by IPST, visit  www.facebook.com/IPSTLearningSpace.