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CoffeeWORKS targets 400 million Baht revenue with ‘experience centers’ expansion countrywide over next 3 years

29 June, 2015 – Bangkok: CoffeeWORKS, one of Thailand’s leading B2B coffee roasters and coffee-machine suppliers, announced market plans with a 400 million Baht target driven by business expansion over the next 3 years.
Commenting on future outlook, Mr. Dale Lee, Co-Founder and Managing Director of CoffeeWORKS said, “As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, we are looking to move ahead with strategic plans that target both growth and branding. In spite of the current sluggish economy in Thailand, CoffeeWORKS' coffee roasting revenues continue to grow over 30% YoY, as they have for the past few years. CoffeeWORKS’ revenue last year was 115 million baht. This result is based on our position as the chosen coffee roaster to supply many high profile international F&B/hospitality brands entering Thailand such as Dean & DeLuca, W Hotel Bangkok, McCafé and Bluecup Coffee by S&P,  while the core business comes from fresh roasted coffee which generates 85% of the revenue, 15% of the revenue comes from supplying imported commercial coffee machines.”  

Mr. Lee said, “Like all of our competitors, we don’t sell syrups, we don’t sell sauces, and we don’t sell powders.  We are razor focused on roasting exceptional coffees and helping our clients achieve in-the-cup quality delivered through world-class commercial coffee machines.  To date, we supply a 10% share of the hotels/hospitality brands operating in Thailand. A 10% share is interesting, but based on our current growth rate and the kinds of customers we are meeting and working with, we are very confident we can continue to grow the business and increase our ranking.”
“In the first quarter of 2015, the company invested 10 million Baht to establish the CoffeeWORKS Experience Center Bangkok. The facility occupies 150 square meters on Sukhumvit Soi 26 and compliments CoffeeWORKS' new Samut Prakarn coffee roasting facility, which we moved into at the end of 2012. Our CoffeeWORKS Experience Center not only creates visibility for and awareness of the CoffeeWORKS brand to passersby, but also serves as an integrated coffee education center providing clients access to our team of coffee experts for training courses as well as displaying our products, selling CoffeeWORKS’ specialty roast coffee packages, and after-sales service both for our B2B customers and the general public,” Mr. Lee continued.
     Dale Lee - Co-Founder and Managing Director, Andrew Stotz - Co-founder and Finance Director CoffeeWORKS Co., Ltd. and one highlight of the CoffeeWORKS Experience Center is the 65 year old re-birthed classic Vittoria coffee roaster originally made in Bologna, Italy that serves as one of the company’s research and development tools.
CoffeeWORKS has had technical service offices in Koh Samui, Phuket, and Chiang Mai for a number of years, but we see opportunities based on increasing our market share and on increased coffee-consumption in Thailand.  When CoffeeWORKS started in 1995, Thailand’s per capita consumption was 500-grams.  Today per capita consumption has doubled to 800-grams, or about 55,000-tons per year.  About 80% of this consumption however is still based on instant coffees, which include 3-in-1 and canned coffee products.  A 10% shift to fresh coffee consumption would represent a new 5,500 tons of production volume per year for fresh coffee roasters.”
CoffeeWORKS will begin aggressively opening additional ‘CoffeeWORKS Experience Centers’ throughout all areas of Thailand, such as Hua Hin, Pattaya, Khon Kaen, and where our existing technical support offices are located between now and 2018.  We want to provide existing and new B2B customers in these markets the same level of locally-based training and coffee knowledge acquisition opportunities that CoffeeWORKS’ Bangkok customers currently benefit from.
  Andrew Stotz Co-founder and Finance Director CoffeeWORKS Co., Ltd.

About CoffeeWORKS
CoffeeWORKS pre-dated the boom in Thailand’s coffee shop sector.  Prior to building CoffeeWORKS in Thailand the co-founders worked in the US west coast coffee market when the specialist coffee shop business model was still populated by less than a dozen storefronts.  Today in Thailand, CoffeeWORKS operates as a specialty coffee roaster and commercial espresso machine importer supplying almost 1,000 specialist coffee shop, restaurant, QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), hotel, and office locations throughout Thailand.
http://www.coffeeworks.co.th/ and https://www.facebook.com/myCoffeeWORKS