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American Management Association signs first agreement to provide self-development programmes in Thailand for ‘Whizdom’ condominium residents

  • The first time a residential developer in Thailand has offered world-class training programmes for the self-development of buyers
     Mrs. Wilai Somdungjate-Ottevaere (1st from left), Chief Marketing Officer of MQDC and Mr. Edward T. Reilly (2nd from left), President and CEO of AMA (American Management Association) signed agreement to provide self-development programmes offer for residents of MQDC’s Whizdom-branded condominiums as well as Whizdom Society members at AMA’s office New York, U.S.A.
     Bangkok (16 June 2015)American Management Association (AMA) signed its first agreement to provide self-development programmes in Thailand with Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC), one of Thailand’s leading high-end property developers and owner of Whizdom-branded condominiums and mixed-use development projects.
     The agreement offers residents of MQDC’s Whizdom-branded condominiums as well as its Whizdom Society members access to training courses for personal and organizational development.
     Mrs. Wilai Somdungjate-Ottevaere, Chief Marketing Officer of MQDC, said, “We have signed a long-term partnership agreement between Whizdom and AMA to provide our buyers and Whizdom Society members training programmes every two months.  This programme is in line with our brand’s commitment to build a knowledge sharing community within our projects.  We aim to provide additional value to Whizdom condominium residents who are usually upwardly mobile people and keen to enhance their personal skills for greater success in life and as well as in their professional pursuits.”
     She said the first training course will commence on 25th July 2015 and is titled ‘Critical Thinking’.  New courses will be provided every two months and subsequent courses will include ‘Communication and Presentation skill’, ‘The Problem Solving and Decision Making’, and ‘Preparing for leadership: What it takes to take the Lead’.
     Mrs. Wilai Somdungjate-Ottevaere added: “The training is world-class, unavailable elsewhere in Thailand, and introduces a completely new dimension to Thailand’s property sector because it is the first time a residential developer has offered long-term self-development benefits to its buyers.”
     She said that participants will also receive an internationally recognised certificate from the AMA which can be included in their resumes.
     Founded in 2012, MQDC’s Whizdom Society has more than 1,000 members, and who had previously been offered local training courses that ranged from cooking to conservation.
     There are currently four Whizdom-branded developments in Thailand, including ‘Whizdom Connect Sukhumvit’, ‘Whilzdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao’, ‘Whizdom The Exclusive’, and ‘Whizdom@Punnawithi Station’.  All projects target fulfilling the needs of the new generation.  The latter two projects are under construction.  When they are completed, more than 1,500 families will be accommodated in Whizdom-branded residences.
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     MQDC Magnolia Quality Development Corporation is one of Thailand’s premier property developers.  It focuses on creating high quality residential developments which integrate research and advanced technology to offer better design that uplifts the quality of life of residents while also creating a great environment for their neighbourhoods and surrounding communities.