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Renishaw unveils Primo™ breakthrough business model of precision manufacturing

Affordable ‘pay-as-you-go’ machine tool probe system with full support brings
high-end manufacturing within reach of every company. 
     BANGKOK, Thailand 30 June 2015 Renishaw, a market leading engineering technologies company, today introduces Renishaw Primo – a breakthrough in manufacturing technology that opens up high-value manufacturing to companies of all sizes. Machine tool probes are the foundation of precision manufacturing.  With minimal up-front costs, free comprehensive training, and free-of-charge parts replacement in a unique ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, Renishaw Primo represents a revolution in the way machine tool probes are delivered.
     In factories across Asia Pacific, demand is growing for ever greater precision in manufacturing to ever tighter tolerances – high-end manufacturing works to tolerances of less than 100 microns. Machine tool probes play a vital role in enabling manufacturing companies to meet these exacting specifications at each stage of the machining process: before, during and after cutting.
     Jean-Marc Meffre, President – Far East of Renishaw, said: “Amid rising wages, skills shortages and fierce global competition, the move to high-value manufacturing has become an economic imperative for many companies and countries. Precision measurement – and machine tool probes – are the key to achieving the required levels of quality to compete.”
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     Mr. Meffre continued: “Our research showed customer concerns on investment cost, ease-of-use and durability have held some companies back. So we came up with Renishaw Primo, a truly innovative approach of low initial cost, free training and new software, and reliable replacement that addresses each concern. Renishaw Primo enables every manufacturer in Asia to grasp the opportunities of high-value manufacturing,”
     Primo, the latest pioneering initiative from Renishaw and a first for the industry, offers you all of the advantages of automated setting at a very affordable price. The Primo system (estimated 3,000 $) is available with a Primo Radio Part Setter to establish the location of the workpiece, and a Primo Radio 3D Tool Setter that measures the length and diameter of cutting tools. Primo system has three key elements: the Renishaw Primo Credit Token, Primo Total Protect and GoProbe.
     Steve Bell, General Manager - ASEAN of Renishaw, said history of Renishaw.

     The Renishaw Primo Credit Token is a ‘pay-as-you-go’ solution that ensures an affordable initial investment, attractive overall purchase price and fast payback. Users buy a six-month credit token (estimated 700 $) which enables unlimited use of the Primo machine tool probe system during that period. Once the credit expires, users simply buy an additional credit token to extend Primo’s usage by another six months. New credit can be inserted into the system at any time and it will be added to the remaining credit.
     With a valid token comes Primo Total Protect, which covers accidental damage. If any of the Radio Part Setter, Radio 3D Tool Setter or Interface is damaged, Renishaw will supply a free-of-charge replacement. Primo Total Protect provides exactly the same level of coverage that long-term contracted customers of more sophisticated systems would expect.
    Jean-Marc Meffre, President – Far East of Renishaw, and Kittiwat Phetsamrit, Thailand Country Manager, demonstration Renishaw Primo.

     Finally, the GoProbe software and training kit makes the already easy-to-use machine tool probes even simpler with a comprehensive self-learning package. A range of training tools and modules take users through everything they need to know in order to get the most out the Renishaw Primo system.
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