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Office First smart office solution Introducing OVO: Office First Virtual Office

     Office First undergoes rebranding to become smart office solution with international standard facilitiesIntroducing OVO: Office First Virtual Office, the first smart office in Thailand targeting startups
     Bangkok - 13 May 2015 - Pacific Stronghold Company Limited, a ready-made office service provider under the brand Office First, announces that the corporate brand will be rebranded in order to become a leading smart office solution service provider, offering international standard facilities and services. It is launching OVO: Office First Virtual Office, the first smart office in Thailand targeting young businesspeople and business startup groups. The company is confident that the service will be well-received by the target group and will push its 2015 revenue to 400 million baht.

     Mr Chatchawan Pisitpaisankun, managing director of Pacific Stronghold Company Limited, said, “Pacific Stronghold Company Limited was founded in 2006 as a serviced office provider under the brand Office First. We are now celebrating our 10 years of success as the first 100% Thai serviced office provider. With our experience in the industry, coupled with the trend today in which business people are looking for ways to cut cost and find ready-made solutions, Office First is rebranding itself and renovated its office by modernizing the place and adding new features that respond to the needs of the urban people. We analyze the needs of the market and diversify our products and services from our competitors. As a Thai brand, we understand what Thai people want, but we offer international standard services which cater to both Thai and international users. Our concept is ‘Where Smart Business Begins: Office First, the Provider of Smart Serviced Office’.

     The highlight is its location, which is on South Sathorn Road, inside Empire Tower on the 47th floor. The location is conveniently connected to the BTS. The space is 900 sq m, and the office space ranges from small rooms for 1-2 persons to bigger rooms for up to 15 persons, 35 rooms in total. There are three meeting rooms equipped with facilities for video conference and HD Polycom. Two co-working space rooms are available and can be converted into a 30-seat seminar room. The design is modern loft based on the concept that environment affects human being. The atmosphere is conducive to meetings, business negotiations and finding inspirations. The smart space is equipped with high speed internet, access controlled security system, and CCTV to ensure safety. The clean and convenient place cost over 65 million baht to renovate.”
      Office First sees the potential from the market trend today because many people start their own business at the age 25 or even when they are still in university. There are a lot of small and medium startup businesses. In 2014, 70,000 small and medium organizations and partnerships were registered, and 70% of them are businesspeople age between 28 and 40. The upcoming AEC also means more opportunities from foreign investors and expansion of multinational companies. Office First positions itself as a low-cost solution which helps make business easier. OVO: Office First Virtual Office is different from existing virtual offices because it is positioned as a smart office solution.
     Today, the way people work has changed. People are no longer bound to their office desk, especially younger people who do their own business – they like to go to cafes or work from home. Small to medium organizations and foreign companies also do not want to invest a lot of money in setting up an office, which comes with a lot of administration and back office expenses. Office First has developed OVO to fill that void that typical virtual offices don’t offer. The target is small to medium organizations. An application has been developed to allow customers to manage everything with their fingertip, fusing technology with Office First’s experienced back office. A special feature is the mixture of IT and social media to create connectivity among users, with Cloud PBX. A landline number can be generated so that everyone can stay connected through VOIP free of charge.Dashboard & Widget technology allows real time management and everything can be monitored from the Cloud Storage. Collaboration-style system means you can manage your work anywhere, anytime, while Social Media Analytic presents marketing statistics from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with analysis, so you can see what people say about your brand on the internet, and you can address negative comments instantly.

     “Office First built OVO based on the shared economy concept, to make sure our customers can use the best facilities at an affordable price. Our services start from 2,400 baht only, which is a great deal because it includes office management service, business lounge, and co-working space. We are certain that our services will respond to the needs of our target consumers. We offer convenience and efficacy with professional services and reasonable cost. We expect that our revenue will reach 400 million baht this year. Office First customers can be assured of quality and safety. We validate every company and have a strict screening system for all our users to verify their existence and legality. This is to prevent crime and danger. In the future, we are expanding our business to other provinces,” he said.

For more information https://www.facebook.com/officefirst and http://www.officefirst.net/