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“CONNECT JAPAN 2015” The Extravaganza Event of the Year to promote and stimulate the economic growth between two countries

     Vertex Asia Corporation Co., Ltd., a leading Thai-Japanese joint venture in all-in-one entertainment and marketing communications businesses, will kick off Thailand’s biggest extravaganza event of the year entitled ‘CONNECT JAPAN 2015’ to promote and stimulate the economic growth between Thailand and Japan. The event will bring together all can’t-miss highlights from Japan including Japanese music artists, models, DJs, celebrated fashion brands, Japan pop culture, popular Japanese foods, products and tourist attractions as well as a series of famous Japanese movies to be held from May 15-17, 2015 at Central World, Bangkok. To expand its market to potentially reach the target groups, the ‘CONNECT JAPAN Roadshow’ will be organized in upcountry locations including Pattaya, Hat Yai and Chiang Mai respectively.

     Mr. Jirath Pavaravadhana, Co-CEO of Vertex Asia Corporation Co., Ltd., revealed: “we realize the popularity of Japan which steadily grow in the ASEAN market, particularly in Thailand. According to the statistic of Japan National Tourism Organization in 2014, there were 657,600 Thai visitors to Japan. And this year, it is expected that the number of Thai visitors will skyrocket by 45 percent. The launch of ‘CONNECT JAPAN 2015’ not only showcases the popular activities in Japan, but also reflects the Japanese art and culture as well as amazing unseen destinations in Japan to let Thai people who have never been in Japan or those who have been there but only visited the popular tourist attractions. What we introduce you today is truly a ‘REAL JAPAN’. If you have never spent your life in Japan before, of course, you would have never witnessed these incredible unseen wonders.”

In addition to ‘CONNECT JAPAN 2015’, Vertex Asia has also initiated another ongoing project to enhance Business-to-Business (B2B) between Japanese and Thai investors including Tokyo Runway Shop, Many Asia and Rose Stage. Besides this, Vertex Asia also promotes Business-to-Government (B2G) with the cooperation between Chiang Mai and Okayama to launch ‘onsen’ project to showcase the authentic Japanese-style hot spring in Chiang Mai.

Mr. Takahito Katsuta, Co-CEO of Vertex Asia Corporation Co., Ltd., said: “The highlights of CONNECT JAPAN 2015” are divided into 5 exciting different zones to let the Japanese fans explore and experience all dimensions of Japan.
  • Japan Runway – Bring over the Japan’s leading REAL fashion brands in the form of combined fashion events FACO (Fukuoka Asia Collection), Tokyo Runway, etc. These shows will be graced by many fashion icons from Japan including AMI AYA, UNA, EMA ERI, ANNA YANO, plus numerous brilliant performances from famous Japanese music artists and musicians such as TEMPURA KIDZ, CYBERJAPAN DANCERS, YU-A and LINQ. What’s more, dance music fans will have a chance to meet the famous DJ Yamato, the champion of ‘The World DJ Contest 2013 JAPAN’, who will directly fly from Japan to entertain fans of electronic music with his awesome stage performance. All in all, we will have more than 10 music artists from Japan. 
  • Japan Travel – A must-visit zone for travellers where they will find new and extraordinary unseen travel attractions and travel deals that they have never known before from such places as Kiyushu and Okayama areas. 
  • MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON – Another exciting zone that will be incredibly transformed into Japan Pop Culture zone with over 10 booths allowing you to experience such as Free Karaoke by Number one Karaoke Company DAM, and Free photo booth by FUJI FILM,  as well as makeup and hair salon booth.  A touch of Japanese Pop Culture atmosphere that let your imagination run wild as if you were in Japan. 
  • Film Showcase – Thai movie fans may not be familiar with Japanese movies. Therefore, CONNECT JAPAN introduces new and famous films in Japan including film created from famous cartoons that have a background from several cities in Japan. These movies will be provided for FREE (4 movies) in 4 cities. I’m confident that you will absolutely enjoy watching these films and falling in love with the charming scenery and landscape in Japan. 
  • Sake Festival – CONNECT JAPAN has created ‘onsen’ or hot spring zone to imitate the real ones in Japan. We bring onsen spa powder from several onsens of Japan to mix and adjust the temperature to be similar to the real ones. On top of this, we also offer over 10 delicious sakes imported from Japan to visitors to sip and sit while soaking their feet comfortably in a soothing hot spring to experience an authentic Japanese lifestyle and tradition. The zone will also be decorated by Mr. Takashi Kimuma the famous flower artist team and his PLANTICA team, which will further enhance the Japanese experience inside CONNECT JAPAN.
     As you may see that our five exciting zones have different characteristics which will definitely capture your huge interest. I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed with this exceptional event. CONNECT JAPAN is strived to make a difference in this event by showcasing Japan in the way that you have never experienced before. I really do hope that CONNECT JAPAN will create happiness to every visitor.”
     The main sponsors of ‘CONNECT JAPAN 2015’ comprise both Thai and Japanese partners including RKB MAINICHI BROADCASTING, Vertex Asia, HAKUHODO, ASOBI SYSTEM, FUKUOKA ASIAN FASHION PROMOTION COUNCIL, JTB, JSTO, Fukuoka Bank, Central Pattana PCL and Nation Broadcasting Corporation PCL. This extravaganza event will be held from May 15-17, 2015 at five different landmarks of Central World. The ‘CONNECT JAPAN’ Roadshow will be organized in 3 upcountry locations including Pattaya (22-24 May), Hat Yai (29-31 May) and Chiang Mai (5-7 June). For information https://www.facebook.com/ConnectJapanEvent