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YAMAHA Builds on Motor Sport Strategy with “Yamaha Rev Circuit” Concept Launching YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M First Time in Thailand And Introducing R-Series to Reinforce Motor Sport Image

YAMAHA reinforces image of motor sport with concept of “Yamaha Rev Circuit”, the circuit filled with exciting experiences in the style of “Rev Your Heart”.  Together, the launching of new models of super sport bikes, YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M, together with extreme performance from the R-Series and NMAX, the latest premium automatic bike.
Mr. Tetsuya Inamura, Chief Executive Officer of Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd mentioned about the concept of this year’s YAMAHA booth that “As YAMAHA’s policy of this year mainly focuses on the strategy of motor sport, and we recently had grand opening of YZF-R3 in early February, we have very good response from our customer.  Thus, YAMAHA booth this year applies the concept of “Yamaha Rev Circuit”.  We reproduce the circuit filled with excitement in the style of “Rev Your Heart”, together with advanced technology and modern design to reinforce the image of motor sport leader. Today, YAMAHA is launching the dream super sport bikes: “Yamaha YZF-R1M” 2015 and “YZF-R1” 2015 that will fulfill the expectation of all super bike lovers.  Together, we have the concept bike: “03GEN”, the Leaning Multi-Wheel bike which is prototype of futuristic style driving the instinct of YAMAHA fundamental that combines the futuristic and racing together.  It is launched for the first time in Thailand.
The most special is “Yamaha NMAX”, the premium automatic bike 150 cc to be launched very soon, and “Yamaha MT-07”, the latest model of sport naked bike opened for pre-sales booking at the Bangkok International Motor Show for the first time.  I do hope that everyone will experience intense excitement from the products and technology of YAMAHA that impress you by yourself.”
YZF-R1 Year 2015 breaks through the wall from Moto GP super bike to street super sport bike.  Main components were modified, lighter weight but compacted with more details like four-cylinder engine with 998 cc under the basic concept of “Crossplane” together with advanced technology of the future on titanium connecting rod, light weight but extremely durable, great horse power and torque out quickly.  It is installed with 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) used with airplane and spaceship.  This is the revolution of new generation bike that the rider can feel the 3D motion data for the first time.
YZF-R1M derives most of high technology of YZR-M1 for Moto GP combining all the supreme technologies for fun and exciting riding.  The soft and easy control in the style of R1M which is inspired by YZR-M1, and design of body based on aerodynamics will rev the rider to feel the more advanced level of efficiency.
The booth of “Yamaha Rev Circuit” includes 4 zones of excitements:
  • Champion Zone, the center of excel bikes of Yamaha Champions both domestic and international e.g.
    • YZR-M1 of global rider from the team of Movistar Yamaha MotoGP, World Champion MotoGP 9 during the time of Valentino Rossi and World Champion MotoGP (2 consecutive wins) Jorge Rolenzo
    • YZF-R6 of Thai riders
      • Decha Kraisart, Champion from MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship 2012 ST-600 in Japan
      • Chalermpol Polamai, Champion from MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship 2013 ST-600, Twin Ring Motegi from Japan
      • Anupab Sarmoon, Champion from R2M Thailand Superbike Championship 2014 600 cc of Thailand and Champion of HRH Crown Prince Cup
    • YZ250F Supercross bike, the buddy bike of Chaiyan Rompan, Champion of FMSCT Thailand Supercross 2014
    • FZT SVHO WaveRunner of Supak Settura, World Champion PRO-AM Runabout 4 Stroke Stock in the program of International Jet Ski World Cup 2014

    • R-Series Zone
    • R-Series Zone favors for the sport bike lovers with latest models of R-Series, the highest performance for champion e.g. YZF-R1, YZF-R1M, YZF-R6 including YZF-R3 and  YZF-R15, racing DNA from the R-Series of YAMAHA

    • Super Bike Zone, excitement from the track to street
      • MT-07 Sport Naked Bike 689 cc for the new experience of street riding
      • FZ-09 with 3-cylinder engine 847 cc, the latest combination of Naked and Motard styles
      • Super Tenere, motorcycle in real adventure touring styly
      • Bolt R, basic but cool, modern look and performance for the city riding
      • TMAX 2015, automatic super sport bike
      • FJR1300A Grand Touring
      • SR400, the one in the rider’s heart since the first launching 30 years ago
      • Champion of motocross, YZ450F and YZ250F

  • Rev Station Zone, the advanced technology and innovation of YAMAHA
      • “03GEN”, the prototype of futuristic style driving the instinct of YAMAHA fundamental that combines the futuristic and racing together.  It is launched for the first time in Thailand, and designed by Advance Design Group from Yamaha Motor Design Center in Japan by Mr. Souichirou TANAKA
      • Tricity ABS with LMW system, exclusive copyright from YAMAHA
      • “NMAX”, the premium automatic bike 150 cc to be launched very soon
      • Exciter 150, sport moped with high performance
      • Genius engine, Bluecore, providing more efficiency and performance with fuel economy of 60 kms/litre
      • Engine of YMJET-FI, genius fuel injection with fuel economy of 55.75 kms/litre
      • DiASil, technology of durability and economy, exclusive copyright of YAMAHA
    Special and hot promotion at the Bangkok International Motor show for Sport Motor Lovers
    • Pre-sales booking of YZF-R3 with special package of lowest interest rate of 6.5% without guarantor
    • Every model of big bike, free first class insurance and Insurance Act, interest starting at 1.59%

    Please find Yamaha apparel and accessories, lifestyle fashion with chic look, together with genuine spare part of YAMAHA

    Further, YAMAHA arranges fun activity from superstars and celebrities all 10 days of event for all the rider to have fun together.  Especially during Friday and weekend, there will be superstars from GMM Grammy, RS, KPN, and other for the shows.

    Please enjoy exciting experiences at the “Yamaha Rev Circuit” booth during March 25 – April 5, 2015 at Challenger Hall 1, Muang thong Thani, and please follow us for the updates at www.yamaha-moto.co.th, www.facebook.com/yamahasociety, IG: @yamahasociety Youtube:Yamaha society
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