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The wait is over for Thai fashionistas as M CURATED introduces super hip brand, STYLENANDA, with the first flagship store in Thailand at The EmQuartier

M CURATED, under the management of The Mall Group, is a company that meticulously selects, imports and retails leading fashion labels as well as the most sought-after brands from across the globe. To emphasise on EmQuartier’s image being the ultimate fashion district, it has recently introduced the widely popular, Korean high-street fashion label, Stylenanda, with the first flagship store in Thailand. Stylenanda has been commended as one of the top ten brands in Korea at the moment, while it is also hot among fashionistas in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as Thailand.
“Nanda” in Korean is defined as “to have.” That being so, Stylenanda means those who possess a distinctive sense of style, which likewise reflects uniqueness in personality. The brand’s stylish assembles therefore has bold, edgy flairs that can create an array of looks for all types of occasions, whether it be a smart look for working days, a casual look for the weekends or even a glamorous look for a party. Kim So Hee, CEO of Stylenanda, shares, “We believe that every lady is constantly on the lookout for more quirky styles that would stylishly set them apart from others—therefore, the concept of our brand highlights the art and fun of mix and matching.”
Achara Umpujh, Executive Vice President of The Mall Group and leading lady of M CURATED, a major retailer of international fashion brands, says about the grand arrival of Stylenanda, “In launching EmQuartier, we want to present new products and services that will meet the demands of every lifestyle, while also stressing our goal of being a fashion district. Stylenanda is considered one of the most well received labels at the moment and is among the must-have brands that young Thai fashion lovers continue to sought for. EmQuartier will house its first flagship store in Thailand on more than 308 square meters. We intend to follow the exact same concept as the store in Korea. Therefore, whatever the one in Hong Dae features, we will also have—the Thai branch will not miss even the very little things that add up to the charm of Stylenanda. The store will not only be a fashion space, but will cover all aspects of the contemporary lifestyle with a modern meets vintage ambience, fun furnishings as well as the signature sticker booth that will enhance each customer’s shopping experience.
Another corner that will also be a favourite is the cosmetics zone, which will be filled with vivid colours that will create striking, yet chic looks for all. Stylenanda at EmQuartier will carry a complete assortment of products, ranging from blush on, foundation, eye shadow, nail polish and most definitely lipstick. The latter will be available in countless shades with brilliant and bold pigments. We guarantee that any beauty fan that stops by the Stylenanda store will enjoy and be impressed with their visit.”
The brand itself was established in 2004 and had instantly received remarkable feedback. It started off housing various kinds of clothing products, those including apparels, jewelleries, handbags and shoes. Stylenanda successfully met the demands of fashion icons and presented a complete package of uniqueness. In 2005, it entered the online market platform, which had led to its rapid popularity that was not just limited to Seoul.
For women, fashion walks alongside beauty. Hence in 2009, Stylenanda launched a cosmetic brand under the name “3 Concept Eyes,” or widely known as 3CE—a makeup line that had allowed fashion lovers to sparkle and set trends with confidence wearing the brightest of colours. In 2012, the street-fashion look had materialised into the charm and DNA of the brand. Consequently, Stylenanda searched for new approaches to fashion and settled on a new look that combines a variety of materials, such as the usage of studs and leather on simple apparels to create new looks in a subtle punk style. Black became the main colour concept of the brand and was reflected on the clothing line “KKXX.” The popularity still flourished as Stylenanda unveiled a flagship store in Hong Dae together with shops in leading department stores across Korea, such as Lotte Department Store, Lotte Young Plaza Store and Shilla Duty Free Shop. Moreover, the brand had continued to expand internationally to China, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore, with the most recent addition being the flagship store at The EmQuartier.
The spring/summer 2015 collection is presented through four key concepts:
Uninanda is a combination of the words Uni, or unique, and Nanda, which translates in English to a distinct style. The apparels under this particular concept present a quirky and an incomparable vibe that makes each look truly special.
Hitting on You comes with sequins and prints that make each piece extraordinary on its own. The concept showcases a touch of charismatic sex appeal, while the unique prints suggest boldness and confidence upon any occasion.
Edelweiss reminds us of the beautiful, purely white blooms in the Alps of Switzerland. Apart from the classic tale that giving edelweiss flowers to lovers symbolises dedicated devotion, the petals also appear to resemble the materials used to create the apparels in Stylenanda’s feminine line.
NBA or Nanda Basketball Apparel consists of active-wear that maintains a feminine flair, while also focuses on a modern, sporty style designed especially for Nanda ladies. Therefore, the concept is a dream come true clash between NBA and contemporary fashion.
March 27, 2015, marks an occasion that Thai Stylenanda lovers have been waiting for—the launch of Stylenanda’s first flagship store in Thailand. Only on the opening day, fans will be exclusively joined by the well-known brand presenters and models, So Ra and Min Hee. In addition, heartthrob actor Nadech Kugimiya will surprise guests with his warm presence as well as a special tuneful performance. Fashion icons and celebrities are guaranteed to enjoy the store opening party with an array of fun activities while DJ’s hype up the event with funky dance beats.
Experience Stylenanda’s hottest street-fashion must-haves on 2nd Floor, Building B of The EmQuartier—Nanda fans can update the latest news and trends at
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