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Beat Banking changes your financial experiences Transforming every mobile phone into a new digital bank for daily use

   23 March 2015 – AIS and CIMB Thai Bank today unveiled Beat Banking, changing your financial experiences and transforming every mobile phone into a new digital bank for daily use that revolutionises mobile commerce and banking.  In a first-of-its-kind collaboration between a telco and a bank, Beat Banking offers innovative solutions that update the way customers access, make payments, transfer and withdraw money.
At launch, Beat Banking offers the first innovative mobile money solutions, Beat Savings, For Thai people to gain new experiences for easier life by fully-integrated electronic deposit account that the highlights are:
  1. Higher and faster interest of 2% p.a. yield than general savings accounts, daily interest calculation and monthly interest payment (apply from today –30 June 2015)
  2. Most convenient deposit via ATM around Thailand together with AIS shop, Telewiz, Big C, Family Mart and mPAY Station that all more than 50,000 locations and account movement inquiry on mobile.
  3. Most convenient payment for more than 200 types of bill. Easily 24-hour pay the credit card for every bank via mobile phone to make your life more convenient such as pay the bill for credit card, water, electricity, mobile phone, top-up AIS mPAY Rabbit for using BTS and etc. (apply from today – 30 June 2015get free 10 bill payment transactions fee via mPAY Application)
  4. Most convenient to apply for Beat Savings to instant activation by mobile phone and show up at CIMB Thai Bank’s branches and designated AIS Shops.

Interested AIS customers can apply for ‘Beat Savings’ without minimum deposit amount requirement from now on via both mPAY Application and www.beatbanking.com
(Second from left) Mr.Subhak Siwaraksa, President and CEO of CIMB Thai Bank (Third from left) Mr.Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of Advanced Info Service Plc. or AIS

    Mr.Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of Advanced Info Service Plc. or AIS, said “As the leading mobile phone network operator in Thailand and one of key catalysts of “Digital Economy”, a policy to boost up domestic economy, AIS has introduced advanced technologies to uplift Thai people’s ability and efficiency to catch up with the digital age. AIS is committed to developing services on our quality network to respond to our 44.3 million customers’ needs and ensure their optimum mobile use under the concept “LIVE Digital, LIVE More”. The popularity and fast expansion of mPAY service which enables the customers to make payment, transfer and withdrawal transactions on mobile phones have prompted AIS to develop the service by allying ourselves with business partners in many industries to offer variants of quality products to our customers.
    Today, AIS joins hands with the leading partner like CIMB Thai Bank to introduce a new dimension of digital bank solutions under the brand “Beat Banking” and launch the first service “Beat Savings”, a deposit account on mobile phones with high interest rate. It was developed to be used on mPAY Application, suiting the lifestyle of users who prefer making financial transactions via digital channels by themselves.”

    Mr.Subhak Siwaraksa, President and CEO of CIMB Thai Bank said “The alliance between CIMB Thai Bank and AIS to create the new mobile banking solutions under the brand “Beat Banking” Your Bank at Your Beat is Thailand’s first and important cooperation between commercial bank and mobile phone network operator. By synergizing CIMB Thai Bank’s financial service channel with AIS, our digital bank solutions are more than just a mobile banking. Our customers can make financial transactions easily, fast and safely by using mPAY Application. It is the solution evolved to suit the lifestyle of new age consumers and to prepare ourselves for the upcoming digital bank innovations.
After the soft launch of Beat Savings in September 2014, the service received good response from the customers thanks to its user-friendliness and the efficient synergy between banking and mobile phone industries. So far, there have been over 10,000 interested customers applying for Beat Savings. The new banking products will be launched soon. Before that, we hope that our Beat Banking will be an authentic revolution of mobile banking, being Your Bank at Your Beat.

“Beat Banking is a phenomenon of a new digital bank solutions as it offers interest to the amount deposited for mobile banking transactions, a revolution of mobile banking solutions. AIS truly believe that Beat Banking will provide the best financial experience to our customers,” Mr.Somchai concluded.